Goodmorning Loves

I hope everyone had a healthy night of sleep! It is an early, raining morning over here in the Sunshine State. Perfect weather for waking up, grabbing coffee, blogging, and getting ready for work. What are your plans today?

{ Even though I used to hate mornings } I have learned to love them. I love waking up knowing that I have the opportunity to make my day the way I want it. Some questions I ask myself are:

How can I make today absolutely amazing?

What am I grateful for?

Am I sending a positive energy out for everyone to see or am I being negative?

How can this situation end in a positive manner?


Even if something is not going your way today, I encourage everyone to stay positive, relax, and see if the outcome is different than usual. Life is too short to be negative. You never know who is looking up to you.

{ You change more lives than you think }

Xoxo ~


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  1. Ashley wrote:

    Yasssss! I love you and your attitude!

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
  2. I know Emma looks up to you! Hope some of your morning positiveness rubs off on my 15 year old!

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
  3. Margaret wrote:

    Own the day! We only have one life!! Your so cute KC! Congrats on your blog. Can’t wait to watch the progress. XOXO

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
  4. That’s such a great way to start the day. I should take some pointers from you ahaha I’m such a grump in the morning.

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
    • Oh girl, believe me I used to be horrible until about noon. It took some time. ☺️

      Posted 8.4.15 Reply
  5. Noel wrote:

    I love this!!! So true girl, I can tell that my attitude in the morning has an affect on my son and I try to be I listen to music while I get ready and sometimes he joins me and we dance ?

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
    • That’s an awesome idea! It definitely makes the day a lot better ❤️

      Posted 8.4.15 Reply