Wake up, Smell the Coffee, Have a Wonderful Monday

{ S U R P R I S E } , it’s Monday morning again, and I know some of you feel it from the fabulous weekend you all had. I have been so busy the last week worrying about school, remodeling one of the rooms in my house (blog post to come), etc. that I have not posted in almost a week. Since I have been stressing a bit, I decided to post some Monday morning inspiration about staying positive even when life gets a bit stressful.

Five Ways To Be More Positive

#1: Set aside some time for you in the morning – developing a small routine in the morning will help tremendously, wake up 15 minutes early to use that time wisely, whether you read the Bible or your book of the week, meditate/yoga, eat breakfast, or read blog posts (like I do).

#2: Surround yourself with positive people – this is one of the most important ways to be more positive. If you surround yourself with “Debby Downers” all day long, that is how you will act.

#3: Have goals – if you set goals and achieve them, you feel accomplished which also makes you positively { h a p p y }. It’s always a nice feeling crossing those goals off whether it be from a To-Do list or something major like a Bucket List.

#4: Get enough sleep – of course, this is a given.

#5: REMEMBER, your current situation will not always be there. If you are in a stressful time of your life, think positive thoughts.  Nothing lasts forever, and maybe a year from now you’ll laugh at what you thought was so “stressful”.


If anyone has other ways to be more positive, please share. I love love love feedback and talking with everyone.

I hope you have a great Monday ~ xoxo