{ 1 0 } Things Every 20 ~ Something Should Know

The 20s have been the hardest time of my life. Not that it is technically “hard”, but learning how to be on a budget and working/going to school hasn’t been the easiest of times. It is also the time that you become a woman. Lots of things happen in those 10 years like graduating from college, buying/renting a house/apartment, starting a career, marrying the love of your life, having babies, the list goes on. So let’s talk about what you should know being a twenty-something.

#1 – Keep Your Skin Young

It is always a great idea to keep healthy looking skin. If you are used to going into the tanning bed everyday, STOP. You are doing damage to your skin that you will regret later in life. If you are outside all summer long, make sure you have sunscreen with you. Washing your face everyday and drinking lots of water keeps your skin looking young as well.

#2 – Learn How to Budget

It has finally come the time where you start having to pay bills, and you know what that means. . . you need to learn how to manage your budget. No more shopping every weekend, or buying the latest Macbook or iPhone. It means putting aside money for bills and keeping a little extra for savings (which is a great idea to have!). Mint.com is a great starting spot to start managing your finances.

#3 – Learn To Breathe Deep

You will have lots of obstacles to face during your twenties whether it be paying for college, getting accepted into a program at college, signing a lease or buying a house, interviewing with potential employers, etc. Learn to breathe deep! I am a true believer of If it’s meant to be, it will find a way.

#4 – Interview Like a Champ

By your mid to late twenties, you should be a pro at interviewing. You have graduated college, and you have been to career fairs throughout your experience. You know what you want to do and what you are exactly looking for. The tip for attitudes during an interview is BE CONFIDENT ~ NEVER COCKY.

#5 – Cherish Your Friendships

Congrats! These friendships will be the ones to last a lifetime. High school is finished, and college is here for young twenty-somethings and the friendships you make here (and the select few you kept from high school) will be the ones to cherish. These girls will be your bridesmaids one day. One more important rule ~ don’t lose friendships over guys.

#6 – Learn to Cook

It is a great thing to start learning how to cook early enough that when you are out on your own, you aren’t eating Ramen Noodles every night and burnt toast every morning. Tbh when you get the hang of it, it can be quite fun and very rewarding.

#7 – Define a Fashion Style

Dress to Impress is a very important concept you need to learn in your 20s. No more wearing your tight-ass mini skirt you wore senior year of high school. It is time to dress appropriate for your shape. Find the perfect pair of jeans and buy them in every color or the perfect V neck tee. It is okay to dress simple and still be chic.

#8 – Everyone Has Their Own Opinion

It isn’t worth the argue. Everyone has their own opinion on politics, fashion, lifestyle, etc. When you get older, you just look at it like you have yours, and I’ll have mine.

#9 – Don’t Make The Same Mistake Twice

Take mistakes as lessons-learned and try not to make them again. Things happen so don’t get upset, just learn from them.

#10 – Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t have to be a size 2 and go to the gym everyday, but it is very good to learn to live a healthy lifestyle. If you start now, it won’t be hard when your older. You don’t even have to go to the gym, eating right goes a long way. Also – when you have that cheat meal and sweets, it feels like you’re eating a million bucks! Ha!


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So for all my fellow 20 ~ somethings, I hope this helps. If you have anything to add, comment below.

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Xxoo ~ KC