Why { G I R L S N I G H T } is Essential

My favorite texts { or calls } are the ones from my girls saying, “Mark your calendar for Thursday, we’re having dinner & drinks!” There is no better time than the time with your girls to share big announcements, gossip, food, and drinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, engaged, or married it is an important night. Some of you may ask, why is it so important? Let me tell you:


1. Great Opportunity to Make Big Announcements

Don’t you hate repeating a story 5 or 6 different times. What better way to make an important announcement than to round up all your girls and tell them all at once. From a new promotion at work to an ENGAGEMENT, it doesn’t matter you just want their sweet reaction.

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2. Need Advice?

It doesn’t matter the situation, sometimes you just need your girlfriends advice. This should be a judgement-free zone.¬†Your true group of friends will always be honest and give you the advice you need.


3. Letting Loose

Having a couple drinks, gossiping, or even going out dancing with your friends after a stressful week at work is a wonderful feeling. You need that time with your girls to let loose and be you.


4. Reminiscing

My friends and I could go on for hours reminiscing about the fun times we have had and the times to come. It is such a great feeling having those memories to hold onto and remembering why you are so close to begin with.


5. No One Loves Food & Drinks More

You’re always preparing yourself all day for girls nights. “Oh you didn’t eat all day? Good, me either. I am ready to feast!” Yep, that’s usually what it looks like. Appetizers (maybe 2 or 3), Entree, and OF COURSE dessert menu, please!! You can’t forget about the drinks though, everyone is required to get something different so we can taste test pretty much every cocktail on the menu. Your girls appreciate this very much!


6. Time to Play Dress Up

Playing dress up and taking pictures is all a part of girls night. It starts at age 5, and truly never ends as most people say.


I could go on and oooooon about why Girls Nights are important, but I think you get the point. Gentlemen, if you are reading this, now you know. 

Top 10 Drinks for Girls Nights ~

  1. Lemon Drop Martini
  2. Rum Runner
  3. Margarita
  4. Sangria
  5. Amaretto Sour
  6. Midori Sour
  7. Moscow Mule
  8. Pomegranate Martini 
  9. Sex on the Beach
  10. Malibu and Pineapple Rum Punch

Love to all, Xoxo, KC

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