{ 50 } Facts About ME

I love getting to know people on a personal level, and I figured I have not properly introduced myself to my blog. While I blog about a few of my favorite things, I never go into depth about my personal life. So here we go ~ 50 { r a n d o m } facts about me:


  1. My name is Kristin Nichole Coffey.
  2. I am 23 years old.
  3. I go to the University of Florida { GO GATORS!! }
  4. I danced competitively for 14 years.
  5. I am an only child.
  6. I love anything C H O C O L A T E !
  7. I am a shopaholic, like it’s a problem.
  8. I have a boyfriend of 6 1/2 years, who also doubles as my best friend.
  9. We have two dogs, Jack, a ferocious Dachshund, + Jasper, a scaredy-cat Beagle.
  10. I own my own house.
  11. I love make-up, but don’t wear it everyday! (I blame dance!)
  12. I am not very good at doing hair/hairstyles. I have 4 looks- curly, straight, ponytail, and bun.
  13. I won’t spend $30 on a shirt, but I will spend it on mascara (haha!)
  14. My favorite food for the longest time was bacon.
  15. I am a cheese-addict.
  16. I love traveling.
  17. I have been to Paris, Rome, Florence, Hawaii, NYC, LA, and mostly just southeastern states.
  18. I absolutely love the beach and would love to move there one day. Florida girl at ♥
  19. My dream is to become a photo journalist.
  20. I am not a B I G fan of red wine.
  21. I would LOOOVE to go to Napa Valley.
  22. & then travel north, and visit Washington & Oregon.
  23. I have the most supportive family, boyfriend, and friends ever!!!!
  24. I can’t wait to marry the ♥ of my life.
  25. I want to have 3 kids, but not until I’m 27-28 years old.
  26. I love pizza.
  27. I also love Netflix.
  28. Currently on Season 7 of The Office.
  29. I have watched Gossip Girl 3 times and still love it.
  30. I used to be obsessed with Friends.
  31. I HATE doing laundry.
  32. I get bad test anxiety.
  33. I am absolutely obsessed with candles.
  34. I love to do DIY with my man.
  35. I hate washing my car, but love when it is clean.
  36. I wish I cooked more.
  37. My go-to drink is vodka, water with lemon + add crystal light.
  38. My second go-to drink is any kind of martini.
  39. I HATE BEER!!!
  40. I love nights out with my girls.
  41. I love brunch + mimosas.
  42. I am a waitress at a seafood restaurant.
  43. I am so ready to be done with college.
  44. Fresh, pretty flowers are my favorite.
  45. I’m going to NYC in March, + I can’t wait!!!
  46. My life is inside my Lilly Pulitzer planner.
  47. I have an obsession with Nike.
  48. My mindset is if I buy cute workout clothes, I may actually want to workout.
  49. I wished I lived in a state that had true “seasons”
  50. I am so happy I started this blog- and I appreciate all the support from friends and family.


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