Skin Care Product Review

I am the type of girl who will try out different skin care products until I find one I love and works well with my skin, then I usually stick with it. I have gone through many MANY m a n y types of skin care products from drug store to high end, and I have finally found one I will use for a while. One of my favorite cleansers were Purity by Philosophy (here), but it didn’t double as a makeup remover which I need. I also use to buy First Aid Beauty Cleanser (here), but after a while my skin started breaking out. I do use First Aid Beauty Repair Creme and I am absolutely in love with this moisturizer. It is the perfect thickness for my dry skinĀ (here).

Skin care products are no joke especially growing up, you want to buy a cleanser that will keep your skin looking healthy and young. You also want to make sure you are cleansing your face every night, and if you aren’t, shame on you.


  • Cetaphil Facial Cleanser (Drug store)
  • Murad Skin Smoothing Polish (here)
  • Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask (here)

The Cetaphil Facial Cleanser I use daily with 1 or 2 pumps depending how much makeup I have on. I love this cleanser because it doubles as a makeup remover which I need. After using multiple high end skin cleansers, this is the one I keep coming back too. It has never given me problems with blemishing either.

I bought a Facial at the Spa one time, and she noticed how I had re-occuring red spots on my chin from previous acne. She recommended I buy Murad Skin Smoothing Polish. You are supposed to use it 2-3 times a week AFTER cleansing your face. It is NOT a daily face cleanser. It has helped slightly with the problem, but I honestly don’t use itĀ like I should.

I needed a product to help with pores so I went to Sephora and asked them for the best mask they had, they recommended the Origins Charcoal Mask. It is the type of mask that hardens then you have to rinse with warm water to take off. I absolutely love this and it works wonders. I recommend everyone to get it if they are in need of a mask. You use it only twice a week.


I have linked all of the products to websites to help locate them. If anyone has any questions, please comment!