5 Reasons You Should Travel While You're Young

Let me just set the record straight here, I have not traveled to many places so I am writing this to convince myself I need to travel more and worry about the “what if’s” less. I have so many places on my bucket list that I keep telling myself I’ll just go when I have more money and more time. Well, these 20something years are the time. I know all of you are thinking it… “Kristin, how am I supposed to afford all of that, money doesn’t grow on trees”… What about my job? What about money? What about school? We can figure out about those things later. I came up with 5 reasons to convince myself that the time is now and I am going to share those with you…

1- You’re never guaranteed old age. 

For my blogging friends out there, a little something you didn’t know about me and my small town is we were hit hard in 2015. Many friends were taken from us way too young. They never had the chance to see the world, fall in love, get married, have kids, and that was and still is heartbreaking. You never know when it will be your turn to step into the Gates of Heaven, so live life to the fullest now.

2- Traveling changes the way you see the world and view situations. 

I believe the smartest and prettiest people in the world are the people who have seen it all. They just have this glow about them, they live life and are thankful for everything they have and the opportunity to see the world. I love people like that. I recently was waiting on an older gentleman (because for those of you who don’t know I am a waitress “in my other life”) who was a retired marine of 30 years. He was so full of life and had traveled everywhere. He was so much fun to talk too, I could’ve talked to him all day long.

3- You get the opportunity to meet amazing new people.

This kind of ties in with what I was saying above. When you travel, whether it may be in your home state or on the other side of the world, you get to meet new people. Even starting up a conversation with people at the restaurant I work at, I would have never engaged in any with that older man if I didn’t know what he was talking about, I probably would have laughed it off and walked away. It brings people together on a whole different level. Not only do you get to meet and talk with people, but you have the chance to learn about new cultures. All in all, it is inspiring, and those traveling people always come back for more.

4- It forces you to become independent. 

This is my favorite. No more mommy and daddy to come save the day when you’re 1000s of miles away (and I am speaking on a personal level as well). While traveling solo, with friends, or significant other, it teaches you to become independent. It’s up to you how much money you spend each day and if you will have another to come back home…which could be a good thing I guess. 😉

5- Traveling helps you discover what you’re passionate about. 

This could help with finding a career that perfectly suits you. I believe 100% traveling can help you find your calling in life. You only get one of these things, so use it wisely. Maybe that is why I haven’t figured out EXACTLY what I want to do yet, I need to travel more. 😉


Traveling has so many benefits and so little consequences. I could go on and on about the benefits it gives you. Being adventurous doesn’t just mean going overseas and visiting world renown places such as Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, etc. Traveling means anywhere. See what your home state or country is about. If you’re from Florida, you have 1000+ miles of beaches, springs, Walt Disney World, and way more. We live where people vacation. In this beautiful country of ours, we have the Grand Canyon, NYC, California, Hawaii, hikes of Oregon and Washington, and the list goes on.

There’s so many ways you can travel inexpensively or save money as well:

  • Cheap plane tickets (Spirit Airlines)
  • Hostels
  • Packing food
  • Bring friends
  • Only pack a carry on (if you want to get crazy with it)
  • Opening up a credit card
  • Taking out a small loan

Here are a couple of pictures from vacations I have been on through the years:


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