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As I have just turned the magical number of 21, I mean 24, I have realized there are things that are essential to know at this time of our lives. In your twenties, you make mistakes, learn a lot, you love and experience heart break, you move out and on your own(if not, sooner), you get married and start having babies, you quit jobs/apply for jobs, you find your niche. Like I said, so many things happen in this decade than any other 10 years of your life.

In the four short years I have had in my twenties, I have learned quite a few and I am here to share these things with you… some of you reading this may have surpassed me in what you know how to do, and others may have not gotten here yet, but all of these are essential, I promise you.

#1 – How to Save Money

It is extremely important you learn how to save money at a young age. This doesn’t mean you need to have $20,000 in the bank, but a good $2-5,000 is a great start.

#2 – How to Cook

You’re at a time in your life where you are considering moving out, maybe with roommates or by yourself. It is not acceptable to eat frozen dinners and pizza every night.

#3 – How to Parallel Park

In my time at the University of Florida (or any college at that) you have to learn the skill of parallel parking and if you don’t, you’re k i n d a out of luck. This is a very important skill to learn if you haven’t already.

#4 – How to Hold a Conversation 

You’re in the process of graduating college and interviewing for positions in a big corporate office, you need to be able to hold a conversation with twenty somethings and with baby boomers. If you are not quite at this part of your life, you may be trying to obtain an internship, or just a college-job while finishing up courses.

#5 – How to be Alone

During this stage of your life, it is important to know you can be and hangout alone. You need to become independent. Especially for the ladies, while it is nice to have our man around, you need to know you don’t have to depend on them.

#6 – How to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Sometimes this step takes time, as it is hard to take responsibility for stupid mistakes, but it has to be done. If you make a mistake, own up to it. No one SHOULD be judging you, because every single person has their mishaps.

#7 – How to Tip

As a waitress myself, this is a big one for me. I feel like you should learn this from the time you start going to restaurants by yourself, not by your twenties. Handing out $2 does not mean tipping… for every $5 you spend, leave $1. So if you spend $25, leave $5 if the service was great. { SORRY FOR THE MATH LESSON }

#8 – How to Stop Comparing

Twenty years into your life, you should realize that everyone is different. There is always going to be someone more athletic, skinnier, prettier, healthier than you. That doesn’t mean you’re not a beautiful person inside and out so you need to stop comparing!

#9 – How to Exercise 

This has taken me a while, but I have finally found something that helps me and makes me feel like I am getting the most out of my workout. It may take time for you as well. I quickly realized the gym is not for me, I would rather do my at-home workouts and save the $25 a month.

#10 – How to Trust Your Gut

If you have a feeling something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

#11 – How to Be Nice

Just because Sassy Sally took your man back in the 10th grade, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends now. Let go of all past grudges (because really, who has time for all that), and just be nice. No, you don’t have to hang out with these people, but don’t trash talk them every time you hear their name. It makes you look…..not your age.

#12 – How to Keep Friends

Yes, in high school we have different friends every 4-6 months until you find your niche, and by the beginning of college you have a whole new set of friends. College graduation rolls around and its completely different again, but by this time you start meeting the people that are going to be around for the long haul.

#13 – How to Prioritize 

What’s more important? That pool party at your friends or Grandma’s 91st birthday. I’ll let you choose.

#14 – How to Love 

This takes a while… every one loves differently. People need to realize that relationships take work and commitment whether it is with a significant other or friends. They are reciprocal, and if one person isn’t doing their job, then it will probably not work out.

#15 – How to Listen

In life, you need to learn how to truly listen to people because like I said above, if the relationship isn’t reciprocal, it won’t work out.

#16 – How to Travel

THESE ARE YOUR YEARS TO TRAVEL! Once you start having babies, traveling is do-able, but 100% harder. Why wouldn’t you want to see what this world has to offer? It makes people so much smarter and wiser, and it gives you the ability to learn and respect other cultures.

#17 – How to Take Care of Your Body

I hate when people have the attitude, “I’m in my 20s it won’t hurt my body.” Keeping your body healthy starts at a young age. In your 20s, you become accustomed to the lifestyle you live through the years and it will follow you to your 30s, 40s, etc. So know what you want to look like now when you’re 50, and take care of your body so you can achieve that goal!

#18 – Tame Your Social Media Use

No one wants to hang out with people who are constantly on their phones. I feel like hanging out now-a-days is talking to each other on a Facebook post while you’re sitting right next to each other. In your 20s, you want to form relationships with people who can put their phone away and have a conversation.

Oh and you do not have to put every single thing on Facebook. Honestly, no one cares what you ate for lunch or if you are cleaning your house.

#19 – How to Self-Improve

You should always want to improve yourself. Whether it be learning a new activity or reading more. It helps you find yourself and become a better person. I promise you will thank yourself later.

#20 – How to Set Goals

Are you still with me?! My goal was to have all of you read all 20 of these. If you did, please like my post. I set goals for myself daily and sometimes I reach them and sometimes I don’t. It is important to know you can reach them though. 🙂




More importantly – KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN! You are only in your 20s once, so live it up and love generously!


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