Lazy Weekend Netflix Picks

Hello loves! I hope everyone has had an amazing first week of 2017, I know my first official weekend of 2017 was nothing but Netflix and cleaning. The entire month of December was too too crazy, so I “accidentally” neglected cleaning my house/laundry so that is what this weekend was dedicated too. The joys of not living at home with your parents, am I right?! 😛

Saturday, I managed to sneak out of the house for a little bit and hung out with my blogger bestie, Tanner Mann, author of The Life of a Womann. We had an awesome day of drinking hot cocoa, eating popcorn, and watching movies. It was so fun and relaxing… something we both needed after the looooongest short work week ever. We did take a couple photos of our day and we came up with a list of our Top 10 favorite Netflix TV shows and movies. I don’t have cable at my house anymore, so Netflix is my main man when it comes to watching TV. So to say the least, I have watched a TON of shows. These lists are more towards girls our age, I’m sure most men wouldn’t like our top picks. 😉


Pictured: One of our FAVORITE candles from the White Barn’s winter collection – Peppermint Marshmallow.

Top 10 TV Shows (in no particular order):

  1. Lost
  2. One Tree Hill
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Friends
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Prison Break
  7. New Girl
  8. Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Gillmore Girls
  10. House

(If I could have a Top 11 – The Office would be added too!!!)

Top 10 Movies (in no particular order):

  1. Clueless (LOVE!)
  2. 10 Things I Hate About You
  3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  4. White Chicks
  5. The Wedding Planner
  6. Failure to Launch
  7. Picture Perfect
  8. Leap Year
  9. Revenge of the Bridesmaids
  10. Last Holiday


Obviously, that list could go on and on but we have to cut it off at some point. Let us know if any of those are your favorite’s as well, and also if we missed some that you love and we have never seen.. 🙂 I hope everyone has a fantastic second week of 2017 and remember life is short, make some memories so 2017 can be your BEST year YET!!!!

Love to all,

K xx

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  1. I always get overwhelmed with choosing what to watch on Netflix! Your top ten tv shows are good picks though and shows everyone should watch and like. There’s something for everyone in that list. I’ve seen each one.
    Your movie choices are the perfeeect chick flick movie marathon movies! My favorite movie is how to lose a guy in ten days anddd the wedding planner (helllooo Mathew)!

    Posted 1.9.17 Reply
    • Yes! Definitely! Matthew is one of my FAVORITE male actors… such nice eye candy 🙂 Thanks girl!

      Posted 1.9.17 Reply
  2. I love your photographs! Great post <3

    Posted 1.9.17 Reply
  3. Tori wrote:

    omg I need that blogging day mug in my life!

    Posted 1.9.17 Reply
  4. One Tree Hill is like my FAVOURITE show!! ??

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply