Say Hello to Sexy Legs Review

Goodmorning! Happy Monday, everyone! I’m not going to lie, this post has been written for a while, I just haven’t hit publish on it due to the “iPhone” photos which are a total no – no in the blogging world, but then I figured that you all really needed to see this amazing product. 🙂

Say Hello to Sexy Legs is a product that bronzes (The Tinted Glow Gel), highlights (Body Illuminating Fluid) and contours (Body Contour Stick) your legs as shown in the pictures. It is not considered a tanning mousse, and it only lasts until you wash with soap and water unlike some tanning lotions that last a few days! I was so excited to try this product because everyone knows how I am about tanning/bronzing products. I am not one to lay out in the sun for that sun-kissed look, I would rather lather up some tanning/bronzing mousse and tan that way. I am very skin-conscious in the sun, always applying extra sunscreen, so I love love love trying products like this. I was very impressed with the way this product turned out. 🙂

You can buy all three of these products individually or in a set which I will link below for everyone. I would definitely recommend buying the set because 1) it’s cheaper and 2) you need to use all three products to have the finished look! I will definitely be using Say Hello to Sexy Legs quite often in the summer months with all of the wedding festivities I will be hosting.


** Thank you Say Hello To Sexy Legs for sponsoring this post!!**


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