#WeddingWednesday: Sharing our Engagement Photos

Happy #WeddingWednesday, friends!

Let’s get right down to it… I am trying to stay happy and positive this week, but internally, I am freaking out about Hurricane Irma especially after seeing the aftermath with Harvey that is currently still being cleaned up. Irma is still so far away and the projected path isn’t confirmed yet, so I am trying to stay calm, but it is literally so big and scary! Anyone who has known me for years thinks I should’ve been a meteorologist with how much I research and read about the weather. I don’t think y’all understand, I read the updates hourly. Not just with hurricanes but major storms as well!


I realized the other day that I don’t think I ever shared my engagement photos with you! I am so in love with them and honestly so surprised I never blogged about the photos. I do post a few on Instagram if you follow me through IG. 🙂 We took them in St. Augustine, Florida at the Lightner Museum which is the picture perfect place for any style of shoot. Our photographer is Christy Buchanan with Bella Rose Garden and Studios. She has been taking Lane and I’s photos for about 5-6 years so she has been through the awkward years with us! HAHA.

Less than 46 days until the big day! We’re pretty much done with everything which is a major stress-relief. My bridal shower is planned for this Sunday, but honestly with Irma coming we will probably have to push it back a week as long as the damage is not catastrophic. *insert praying emoji here*

Sorry this post was just a mumble jumble of randomness! I hope everyone else has a wonderful rest of their week! For those traveling/evacuating, please stay safe! <3


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