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Nike Leggings // Patagonia Vest // BP. Long Sleeve Tee // Nike Sneaks (similar)

Nike Leggings // BP. Black Long Sleeve // Striped Vest // Adidas Sneaks // Quay Sunnies

Nike Leggings // Sherpa Pullover // Quay Sunnies // Adidas Sneakers

Happy Monday, loves!

I have literally been going nonstop for the last few weeks! I guess that is what you get when you work a full-time job and blog part-time. I have been meeting so many amazing people and in the process of building a lot of new and great relationships that I am SO excited to see where the next couple of months take me! This right here ^^ is the reason why I love blogging!

Remember a few years ago when it was totally inappropriate for us woman to wear leggings out in public? I remember wearing my first pair of leggings out of the house and I felt SO uncomfortable like everyone was staring at my butt. Now EVERYONE wears them!!! They even have a word for it: ATHLEISURE which means yoga pants, tights and leggings that “look like athletic wear” and are characterized as “fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing”. The idea is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes.

Funny how styles change so quickly! I love that gym wear is now appropriate to wear outside of working out. It is so easy to throw on some sweats or leggings to go run errands and some people even manage to make it cute. I love “dressing up” my dress-down days! If that makes any sense? 🙂

I linked all of my outfits above below each photo and also down below! All of the products that I have listed I wear all the time and are such staple items in my closet. My newest obsession is the Patagonia Vest, it is SO comfortable and you can dress it up or down. My father-in-law bought me these Nike Leggings this Christmas and I wear them nonstop. I really need to invest in a second pair!

Like I said, I wear pretty much all of these items in some way 24/7 whether I dress them up or down! If you ever need any help with sizing, please send me a message and I’ll quickly respond. 🙂


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