All My Blondes Will Love Me, All My, All My Blondes Will Love Me

A few days ago, I was on the search for purple shampoo. I’ve actually never used it before, so I researched a lot about what brands were good, price range and of course, reviews of each product. As always, I turned to my IG family because I have a wide range of people on there who give great recommendations. If you aren’t sure what the benefits of purple shampoo are, keep reading!

I’ve been rocking the blonde balayage for a few years now and I love it because I only get it touched up every 6-8 months! Since I do wait this long, I wanted something inexpensive to keep my blonde bright instead of brassy. I really like the natural look of balayage, but I do like the end blonde tips to stay bright like how you get highlights from the sunshine. Yep, that’s my ultimate goal. Haha!

I want to share the recommendations I received from my IG fam and what products they use! This is the most my IG DM has ever blown up, I received over 70 messages. A little overwhelming, you may say, but I love interacting with you all. You gave me so much feedback, I decided to write a blog post about it! 🙂

Top Purple Shampoos by Brand

  1. Clairol Shimmer Lights
  2. Joico
  3. Amika
  4. Not Your Mothers
  5. Fanola
  6. Kenra
  7. Matrix
  8. Oribe
  9. DryBar
  10. IGK
  11. Paul Mitchell

All of these products were named multiple times by multiple people! I did end up buying the DryBar purple shampoo. I walked into Sephora and asked them which brand sells the most and the most reasonable pricing, and they recommended this product. It smells delish too ~ like peppermint and suntan lotion. Haha! Sounds weird, but I love it!

Depending on the brand, you only use the product once or twice a week! Also depending on what the product’s directions are, you can leave in 0-5 minutes. The DryBar shampoo I bought says to rinse out immediately, but others say keep it in as a hair mask for 5 or so minutes. So make sure you read the directions and don’t assume every purple shampoo is the same… because you might end up with purple hair.

Anyways, let me know if you have any questions about purple shampoo and I will try my best to answer. Remember I am still a newbie, but I will be sharing my results from the DryBar brand. You can shop the links below to purchase any of the purple shampoos above!


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