Podcasts to Listen to if You Need a Good Laugh

Red Dress Boutique Yellow Cover Up // Topshop Pink Suit // Tory Burch Sandals // Straw Clutch

Hi ya! I wore this adorable dress on Lane and I’s date the other day! On the website, it says it is a dress, but it is 100% see-through so I would say it is more of a cover-up, but wear it how you please. It is so comfortable to wear and the drop waist is very flattering. I am wearing a size small in case anyone needs size reference. It also comes in the color pink, BUT I felt like I had too much pink in my closet so I went with the yellow… and I am so happy I did, because when I found these stairs, it was destined to be an IG pic. LOL

I purchased this adorable straw clutch from Amazon the other week, and I am so glad I did. It is less than $35 and it is the perfect Spring/Summer accessory! It won’t fit much in there, but I did manage to stuff my card holder, phone, lipgloss and keys in there. Those items are definitely the necessities, everything else is just clutter… right? Pick yours up today! I linked it above!

…so as I have previously mentioned on my Instagram, I have been listening to podcasts on my long journey to work and back. I have a few that I listen to religiously and I am actually almost caught up with one of them and will be waiting weekly for the new releases #annoying. If you guys can give me any new podcasts to listen to that you love that would be AMAZING!

So my top podcasts right now are:

  • The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast: This features Lauryn Evarts of TSC and Michael Bosstick (her hubs) and they are so real and raw, I just love them. They talk about everything from bachelorette parties to business advice.
  • The Lady Gang Podcast: Okay, so these 3 are the ultimate #GIRLBOSSES based out of LA. It features Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek and they’re the FUNNIEST girls ever!!! I will literally catch myself laughing in my car alone because of them. They talk about anything and everything… I don’t even want to give you a range because you may think it’s TOO much. LOL
  • #MakeSpeidiFamousAgain Podcast: This podcast is new for me and I’m not totally into it yet. Only because I absolutely hated Spencer Pratt on The Hills, but he seems like he has calmed down a bit so I wanted to give it a try. On the flip side, they do have guests like Kristin Cavalarri, whom I love, so that is another reason why I wanted to try it out!
  • The Influencer Podcast: Julie Solomon: I’ve only listened to a few of her podcasts, but they are so informational and helpful for anyone looking to start a blog OR business. She gives so many tricks and tips that are so relevant to the blogging community and how to work with brands. In the few episodes I have listened too, I’ve gotten a lot of ideas for content for all of you!

Now, I want to start listening to stories like the crime and mystery ones! So if you have recommendations, please send them over! Let me know if you listen to any of these as well! They’re all so fun!!

Below are some other fun YELLOW dresses for Spring and Summer <3 You can shop by clicking on the photo! xx

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  1. Amberly wrote:

    True crime podcasts are my JAM! My faves are My Favorite Murder, Wine and Crime, Dirty John, And That’s Why We Drink, and UP and Vanished.

    Posted 3.12.18 Reply
  2. briana wrote:

    i so love these! the only one i haven’t heard is the one with spencer and heidi but i just added it!


    Posted 3.16.18 Reply