Hair Products I’ve Been Loving

I recently changed my hair products up a bit, and I’ve never been happier with the outcome! I was having a problem with my blonde becoming too brassy and yellow, which is not okay for me. I like the bright, ashy blonde, BUT the problem is, I only go to the salon every 6-8 months because I have balayage and it lasts forever. I wanted to find products that I could use at home for a fraction of the cost of having to go to the salon and tone my hair every couple weeks.

First off, I started using a purple shampoo. I picked up the DryBar Blonde Ale to try out first. I am very weird when it comes to my hair… I know it’s just H.A.I.R and it’ll grow back or I can always fix the color, but it just makes me nervous. LOL, so I’m sure you can imagine me trying out purple shampoo for the first time. It really freaked me out, especially my hair turning purple before I washed it out!

Anyways, it took a bit of time to start showing progress, so when I went to the Bardot Beauty Bar a few weeks back, she recommended this other purple shampoo that is a holy grail for them. I quickly grabbed *the last one* on the shelf since it’s so popular and gave it a whirl. I LOVE IT! I started seeing a difference after about a week (2 times) after using the product. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so I will only use the purple shampoo 2 times and normal shamp/cond the other day!

I’m sure you’re wondering what this purple shampoo is, huh?! It’s the Barcelona Purple Riot! Aside from that, I normally use John Frieda’s Blonde shampoo/conditioner which is about $10 at a drugstore. After I get out of the shower, I use a detangler spray because my hair gets very tangly! This is the product I use HERE. I used to use Pantene detangler, but I think it dried my hair out! I barely have to spray a lot of product with DryBar brand… a little goes a long way!

I finish my hair routine up with the DryBar Hot Toddy heat protectant which I’ve been using for about 6 months. It smells delish too! I actually saw one of my blogger girlfriends use it and knew I wanted to try it (presentation is everything, y’all!) so I picked it up and have loved it ever since! So that is my routine for shower/after shower wet hair!

I don’t really use hairspray in my hair, I feel like it’s always super heavy and weighs my hair down which leads to my curls falling quicker than normal. I have naturally wavy hair so my curls stay pretty in tact. When I’m finished using my T3 curler (which works wonders), I finish my hair off with dry shampoo/texturizing spray. This is the one I use: HERE.

I’m still working on getting a little more brassiness/yellow out of my hair, but the progress is great and all the products I’ve been using are amazing! I’ve linked them all below for you, in case you want to shop any of them. All of these products you can purchase at Ulta or Sephora. 🙂

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