6 Must Have Beauty Products for Summer

Good Morning + Happy Monday! I am back on the grind after a few weeks of “no motivation” to write a single blog post. I love keeping up with Instagram, but sometimes my creative juices aren’t flowing enough to come up with an entire blog post. Ya feel me? So sorry, but I am back and have a few idea’s I’ll be throwing your way in the next few weeks! A few things before….

I finally set up my Poshmark account – FOLLOW ME HERE. Some of the items are going pretty quickly, but definitely go check it out because there is some good stuff on there! I’ll be sending out most of the items on Tuesday (tomorrow).

On the other hand, Lane and I just booked a trip to a tropical place that we have never been before and I am SO excited! We are going in June and I seriously cannot wait! Palm trees, the ocean, and colorful buildings everywhere = what I need on a daily basis… but a weekend trip will suffice I suppose! 🙂

So this blog post is dedicated to beauty products, specifically the must haves for Summer! I have a tanning mousse, chapstick, CC cream, etc. See below:)

  1. St. Tropez – my number one favorite tanning mousse in Dark that I use on a regular basis. I don’t tan very well so this is a lifesaver (unless it’s raining haha been there, done that!)
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear – I know I talk about this all the time, but I love this foundation so much. It looks so natural on too so perfect for the sun-kissed beach look!
  3. IT Cosmetics CC Cream – the number one CC cream with the best coverage! When I was in Seaside, I wore this by itself to the beach and it was perfect + has SPF!!
  4. First Class Dry Shampoo – the BEST dry shampoo! It has charcoal in it so it absorbs all of the oils from your greasy hair and it works like magic! It’s perfect for the ladies who waits like 3-5 days to wash their hair!
  5. Kopari Lipgloss – this gloss is coconut oil based and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and kissable! Love this stuff and will definitely be carrying it around all summer.
  6. Kiehls Moisturizer – my fav moisturizer ever! The reason why I love it so much (and I’ve talked about it multiple times on here) is because of the thickness. I have super dry skin and lots of moisturizers aren’t thick enough for me but Kiehl’s is! I love it!


Happy Almost Summer! Happy Shopping xx

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