What I Wore in Palm Beach


“get it girl” T O P // white BB Dakota S H O R T S // black S U I T C A S E // quay S U N N I E S // target wedges S H O E

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maxi D R E S S // dolce vita S H O E S // straw B A G // kendra scott E A R R I N G S


work out set T O P // work out set B O T T O M S


striped R O M P E R // straw B A G // tory burch S A N D A L S // quay S U N N I E S

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palm T O P // palm B O T T O M S


basicbthelabel T O P // american eagle D E N I M // tb S A N D A L S


maxi D R E S S // target H E E L S // straw B A G // ks E A R R I N G S


lilly pulitzer S U I T


billabong R O M P E R // tb S A N D A L S


bikini T O P // bikini B O T T O M S


coconuts T O P // black S K O R T

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bikini T O P // bikini B O T T O M S

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white D R E S S // target H E E L S // ks E A R R I N G S // diff S U N N I E S


black S U I T


red R O M P E R // brown S A N D A L S ($24 dupe for steve maddens) // baublebar E A R R I N G S


basicbthelabel T O P // ae D E N I M // quay S U N N I E S // tb S A N D A L S

whoa – that was a lot of linking BUT i promised all of you that i would do a complete recap of what i wore to the lovely island of palm beach. we loved the area – but it is definitely a place where older, rich folks reside. i loved playing rich for the weekend though – our hotel was adorable! i am posting a review of our hotel (even though it is not sponsored), i just thought it was the perfect little vacay.

if you have any questions at all about any of the items that are linked, give me a shout. i will do my best to answer – some of the products are sold out, but i wanted to show you where i bought/received them from. that way, if you really want an item, you can sign up for the waitlist 🙂

the majority of these items are under $100 and relatively affordable. and as always, happy shopping xx

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