The Last 10 Items I Bought From Amazon


from left to right + top to bottom

palm printed filing folders // grey cotton romper // keep calm gummies // straw handbag // acrylic organizer // bar cart // pink packing organizer // compact camera case // stylus // blanket ladder

hello loves! happy tuesday! i’m sure like most of you, i am an avid amazon shopper. i literally check amazon before purchasing anything from any other retailer. it’s just what i am accustomed too because of the low prices for quality items you sometimes find! in this post, i thought it would be fun to share what my top 10 items were that i have purchased from amazon this first half of 2018. so let’s dive right in…

the palm printed file folders were products i needed for my office. since no one else would be using them, i decided to make work fun and buy pretty ones! 🙂 definitely love them! i use them every. single. day. they’re also super thick so no bending papers!

my top seller on was this grey cotton romper. i’m telling you guys, over 50+ purchased and for good reason. this is the most perfect romper for a casual day and under $15 + free two-day shipping. yes pls! thanks! 

keep calm gummies do exactly what the bottle says. when i wake up feeling anxious, i pop in a few of these. you can buy them from amazon, but i’ve also seen them at the local drugstore. 

this straw handbag has been used all summer long. love the style and it has a liner inside so nothing will fall out. it’s under $20 and so so so perfect. 

one of the best purchases i have ever made was this acrylic organizer. *insert heart eyes* it holds so much products and i love that it spins. i seriously love it so much! definitely worth the money.

we just purchased this wooden bar cart and i love! we have been wanting to add a bar cart for our coffee maker and liquor bottles. this one is perfect in size and space. 

packing organizers for the win! wish they were a tad bit bigger, but i definitely still use them for every trip.

i just purchased this compact camera case for my new camera. so no review yet, but looove the bubblegum pink color. woooo!

executive stylus is a lifesaver when it comes to IG stories. if you’re constantly writing on it, it is so much easier to use a pen-like product. 

the blanket ladder is a product that we just purchased (with the bar cart!). without thinking, i bought the 4ft and really wish i would’ve went with the 6ft, but i’m going to keep it anyway and just use what i have! it doesn’t like bad. 🙂


okay, that was a little rundown of the top 10 purchases i have made on amazon so far this year. i’ve linked the products all within this post and the thumbnails below are clickable if you’d like to check out any of the products. if you’d like to have better details of some of these items, just message me:)

happy shopping xx


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  1. looove that bar cart! so cute!

    Posted 8.14.18 Reply
    • For the Love of Coffey wrote:

      thank you! we love it!

      Posted 8.21.18 Reply