Why Shop at a Consignment Store?

one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is check out resale/consignment shops. you always find something worth investing in at a very discounted price. this doesn’t mean that the product is in perfect condition, but that’s what makes it fun and interesting! whether you’re searching for a specific item or just browsing to see what the store has to offer, trips to a resale store are always a good time! in fact, i had the opportunity to partner with True Fashionista’s which is a consignment/resale store in a south florida city called naples! for those of you who aren’t familiar with naples, it is a gorgeous beach city with a lot of wealth. it’s on the west coast of florida. this adorable boutique is actually the #1 and largest designer resale store in southwest florida.

True Fashionista’s has it all. if you searching for lilly pulitzer, they have it! celine? yep! tory burch all the way to louis vuitton and beyond! they have so much to offer and consistently updating their site every 5-10 minute with new products. that’s why they are so unique because they have a website as well as a storefront. all of these items are carefully selected by the owner and priced at a reasonable cost depending on the quality the product is in. they have options for kids and men too!

unlike other consignment shops who only give you $1-$5 per item you bring in, TF will give you approx 30% of the selling price if you want cash the day you bring in your items. if you want to see what your product sells for, you receive approx 50% of the item. that’s amazing, you guys!!!

the product i’m promoting for True Fashionista’s is this gorgeous louis vuitton! it’s the perfect size for an every day handbag. the quality is great and it event came with a certificate of authentication. the only wear and tear on the handbag was on the leather trim, which i did explain to everyone when showing the bag on IG stories. other than that, the bag is in great condition.

if you are interested in a handbag/product that is on the website, you can most definitely ask to see more pictures of the item. they are extremely nice and want to help you when making a purchase from them! again, go check out True Fashionista’s and give their instagram a follow too!


** thank you True Fashionista’s for sponsoring this post!! **

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