Our Stay at Zota Beach Resort

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wow! these photos do not do justice for how beautiful this resort is and how much fun we had during our stay at zota beach resort in longboat key, florida. from the time we walked into the resort on monday afternoon to our departure on wednesday afternoon, the staff was so accommodating and hospitable. every staff member made sure we had everything we needed for a fun and comfortable stay!

i love the design of the lobby with all of the modern decor as you can see in the first few photos. the color palette they used throughout the resort is perfect and gives me all of the tropical vibes. it feels like you’re on a tropical island when really you’re still in florida. i love that about zota! the rooms are very roomy and they all have balconies. we requested an oceanview room. my perfect night is grabbing dinner with my hubby and hanging out on the balcony listening to the waves crash along the shore. it’s so therapeutic to me!

once we arrived at the resort, we checked out our room and threw our bags on the ground and then met the gm of the resort down in the lobby for a tour. roy is the general manager and he is the best! it’s such a pleasure to meet and communicate with the person who is in charge. i was so happy they set that up for us! once we were finished with our tour, we hung out at the pool bar for a few drinks. i had a blueberry mojito and YUM…they used fresh fruit and mint and it was the best (+ strongest LOL) mojito i’ve ever had!

we had a few hours to hang out and really get a feel of the resort life. we had reservations for dinner at viento kitchen + bar around 7pm. to say the food was amazing would be an understatement. we both ordered the filet (it’s our fav) with mashed potatoes and asparagus. it was delicious!!!

the next day, we headed out to st. armands circle in sarasota and it was great! a little hot, but that’s okay – we made the best of it! when we arrived back at the hotel, we changed into our swimmies and went down to the pool to chill at our cabana that was reserved for us as you can see in the last photo. there was a tv in there, so i have to admit we watched friends for a while before jumping into the pool LOL. we had a blast, the infinity pool was so refreshing and cool – we loved it! 🙂

the next morning, we had a late checkout so we ordered room service for breakfast! blueberry pancakes, bacon, yogurt parfait! everything was so tasty and amazing. blueberry pancakes have become one of my favorites! we had such a great time at zota beach resort and will definitely be going back. the whole experience was everything we could of asked for plus more.

if you have any questions about the resort or wanting to book a stay! let me know and i can definitely help out. 🙂

xx thanks for reading!


*** thank you zota beach resort for sponsoring this post***

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