Gift Guide for the Homebody

if you’re like me and my husband, you love being cozied up and watching a movie at night on the daily! we are such homebodies sometimes it makes me laugh because we never used to be like that! i’ve linked a ton of perfect gifts for the homebody in your life! from matching pjs to L-shaped pillows (for snuggling by yourself), i have you covered!

i do want to take a second to mention a few specific things on my gift guide! first up, the southern shirt products ~ i have so many items from SSC and i love every single piece! they are seriously the comfiest and coziest items. i’ve linked a sherpa (most popular type of coat) for men and women plus my favorite pj shorts for parading around your house during the holidays!

a few other things ~ barefoot dreams products! i know, i know what you’re thinking, kristin that’s a lot of money! yes, yes i understand but THEY ARE SO WORTH THE $. i promise!!! i bought the BF cardigan and i am never taking it off. even lane put it on and loves it as much as i do! haha it runs big so it actually fit him LOL. i also bought the 2 of the barefoot dreams blankets because they are THAT good. i’m telling you SO worth the money!

also ~ the weighted blanket is a must have especially if you deal with anxiety. that and my diffuser with essential oils and i’m a brand new person! i promise, it works! anyways, i hope you loved this gift guide! i think it was honestly one of my favorites!!!! 🙂

happy shopping xx

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