What I Pack When I Travel + The Best Travel Case Ever

travel case

we all know packing for a vacation is usually one of the most stressful parts about leaving town! to this day, i hate packing because i always overpack (probably bc i usually wait until the last minute) but feel like i leave something very important at home every time. i know i’m not the only one, but i’m probably still in the minority. haha!

the styled collection was so kind a few weeks back and sent me one of their travel cases. i was literally so excited (you have no idea!) because they usually team up with BIG bloggers and when i saw their name pop up in my IG DM’s, i fangirled a little – not gonna lie! they have been one of my favorites from the very beginning!

their travel cases literally hold everything! as you can see in the photo above, all of my makeup/makeup brushes/eyeshadow palette plus my hair products (minus my brush), my skincare products, and deodorant all fit inside comfortably. it’s usually $88, but it is on sale right now for $67 so grab it while you can. i promise it’ll be worth it!

and of course, happy shopping xx

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  1. Briana wrote:

    Clear travel cases are a must! As is that its a 10 product!


    Posted 11.2.18 Reply