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O U T F I T  D E T A I L S

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for me, skincare has always been a big deal. the skin on your body has to last you a lifetime! with that being said, coming up with a good skincare routine at an early age is very important! each person has different skin types so not every product is going to work the same on everyone. personally, i have dry skin so i need super thick moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated.

before i even started blogging, i followed bloggers and they always talked about tula so just like you guys, i bought some on amazon to try out. i purchased the small trial size pack (called the discovery kit!) that cost like $50 so i could see if the products would be a good fit for me. well, a few years later and i am still using those same products. don’t get me wrong in the midst of all these years, i have tried other brands, but honestly i keep coming back to my tried and true, tula!

what i love about tula is that the products are so soft (i can’t think of a better word to use LOL). some skincare products can be super harsh on your skin, but tula works perfectly and leaves your skin smooth and glowy. the purifying cleanser is one of my favorite products because it takes all of the makeup off at the end of the night and cleanses which is a plus for me! the hydrating day and night cream is heavenly, y’all! i’ve gone through SO many moisturizers and only a handful work for me and my dry skin. i am always looking for something super thick but absorbs well and naturally into my skin. this product definitely does it for me!

the products are very reasonable priced too which is always a good thing! even if they were a little pricey, i would definitely still use them because good skincare products are hard to come by. that is one thing i will splurge on. the holiday kit in the photos above are limited edition! make sure you grab one while supplies last!

i do have a discount code for you which will work on all of these products! use code COFFEY for 20% off of your entire purchase!

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