My Wish List for Christmas

i had a large response on my IG when i asked if you would like to see what i’m asking for this christmas! i usually come up with a few items i know i won’t buy myself, but i’ve been wanting for a few. i really wanted a louis vuitton this year, but lane also wants a truck (and needs a truck) that he’s been saving for so i told him not to stress about it because as you may know buying a louis is quite a money investment. LOL sooooo i think i’m just going to buy myself a louis as a reward for the hard work i’ve done the past few months! honestly, it means more that way! 😉

anyways ~ these are a few items i am interested in. definitely a want, not a need! i really have been wanting the tory burch millers in the color makeup! i just love how pretty and natural the color is! also, the tory burch bag with the stripe down the middle, i love that for an every day tote! perfect for work with all the neutral colors. it’s on sale right now for $132. def want an apple watch and also the adidas sneaks! i’ve been wanting them for a while, but never bought them for myself LOL they’re on sale for $45!

a few things on this list that i received as gifts last year and think make great gifts for you! the t3 blow dryer and curling wand – AMAZING! i’ve had my curling wand for a year and a half and i use it ALL THE TIME! it’s a little pricey but the product is definitely worth it! just got the blow dryer and i am just as pleased! can never go wrong with quay sunglasses! lane bought them for me last year during christmas and they are my #1 fav shades! love the cubic zirconia earrings too! bought them during the nordstrom sale and wear them almost daily!

you can shop this post by clicking on the product above or the link below! happy shopping xx

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