Wonderful Weekend Stay at Reunion Resort

Lane and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Reunion Resort in Orlando, Fl. Lucky for us, O-town is only a 2 hour drive from home. We packed up our bags excited for our mini weekend-getaway! We left around 2pm on Friday afternoon in the pouring rain, thank goodness we made it to the resort safely, at one point we were moving about 23 mph ON THE INTERSTATE. LOL. It was a stressful drive – that’s for sure! Anyways, enough of the negative Nancy stuff!

We arrived around 5:00pm and checked-in to our gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite! Fun fact: Reunion Resort is a part of the Salamander Hotel chain, and we got married at the Hammock Beach Resort which is Reunion’s sister property! It was so neat because even though we weren’t on the beach like Hammock is, some of the details of the resort were similar!

Our suite was absolutely stunning! So much room for so many activities! It was actually bigger than our house. LOL we live in a 1000 sq ft home! I loved it! I’ve shared a few photos above of the room and in my IG stories if you were following along this past weekend. <3

On Friday night, we grabbed a bite to eat in the hotel lobby which is a bar/restaurant. Lane grabbed some sushi and I had pizza (of course!). We gobbled down some dinner, had a drink and then passed out at 10:30pm. LOL it was heavenly! I had a spa appointment scheduled for Saturday morning and let me tell you, I needed it after the car ride the day before!! Haha! My treatment was amazing and I definitely recommend the spa on the resort grounds. It was a nice 4-5 minute walk from the actual resort, but it was a beautiful day outside – 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!

After my spa appointment, Lane and I headed down to the resort’s water park. We actually took a shuttle from the resort to the water park that took about 4 minutes. It would’ve taken us about 20 minutes walking. You can see photos above of the water park. This is one of eleven pools on this property. Can you say WOW?!

We ended up renting bikes and riding along the neighborhoods to see all the nice houses. It was a great way to explore more of the property! I loved it! I didn’t take many photos with the bikes because we were on a mission! That evening we had a reservation at the resort’s rooftop bar. The view from up there was spectacular. Lane and I both agreed we had the best filet ever at Eleven (the restaurant’s name). We were seriously stuffed after our entree but of course, I had to order dessert. It was delish!!!

We had all of these plans to stay up and watch a movie after dinner, but what do you think we did?! LOL Lane fell asleep on the couch and I was not much behind him. We had such a wonderful day full of exploring, drinking and eating that we were zonked out! We woke up on Sunday and had to pack up and leave!

This resort is such a beautiful place to come and be with family. It is very very very family-oriented with activities for everyone! Golfing for the men, sunbathing for the women, and fun games for the kids. I hope you guys enjoyed Xx

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  1. Janice Brown wrote:

    I’ve been enjoying your writing
    Wondering if you’re interested in doing a focus article on shoes
    I’m older and short and find flats too low and heels too high
    What’s stylish in medium heels?

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  2. crea wrote:

    That’s looks wonderful!!!! We love the Hammock Beach Resort!!! We go at least once a year, so amazing. I was wondering how the other sister resorts compared to Hammock Beach because I get emails and promos all the time but haven’t tried one out yet!!! Didn’t know about this one in Orlando!! its not far!! thats one thing I love about Hammock Beach, its sooooo close . A hidden gem! Thanks for sharing!!

    Posted 1.10.19 Reply
    • For the Love of Coffey wrote:

      Yes!!! The Hammock is literally the best! We had the best experience stay-wise and wedding-wise! 🙂
      Reunion is pretty much the same, but with no beach! They have a huge, beautiful golf course and lots of pool areas, plus like bikes and stuff to rent. Definitely things to keep you busy or just to relax! I’d definitely give it a try! Plus, Disney is right around the corner 🙂

      Posted 1.10.19 Reply
  3. Briana wrote:

    This looks like a great vacation spot!


    Posted 1.10.19 Reply