My Experience with Lash Extensions

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about lash extensions since I started doing the whole process back in February. I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post about my experience and my own thoughts and opinions so everyone can have a place on my blog to go back too and read about. I asked you all to send in your specific questions about lash extensions so I could make sure I answered everything you all were interested in. See below for the q&a! 🙂

Go to place in Jacksonville? Nikki at FaceIt Jacksonville. She is the best ever! I am so thankful for her. She also does amazing facials. Click here for her Instagram. Click here for her website.

Are they heavy? The first 24 hours, they were a tad bit heavy because I wasn’t used to them, but now they feel very natural and I actually forget about them.

What type of lashes do you have? I have volume lashes.

Can you wear mascara over them? If so, how do you take the makeup off? I don’t wear mascara with them. I have the volume lashes so they are pretty dark and thick looking already.

Price range? Lashes range in pricing. I know people who get their lashes done for very very cheap. With this sort of thing, cheaper isn’t always better. You really need to do research and read reviews on the lash expert. If they don’t do them right, that’s when they will harm your natural lashes. You can check above on Nikki’s website for her pricing.

Do your eyes get irritated at all after getting them done? Not at all.

How to clean? Not sure about every esthetician, but Nikki gives you lash shampoo you need to use every night. Super simple and takes about 2-3 minutes to clean.

Do extensions damage your natural lashes? Not if the person knows what they are doing and does quality work.

How to wash your face with them? So many say you can’t ever get them wet?! Is this true? I thought this question was funny because the first day I got them done, I texted Aubrey and was like HOW DO I WASH MY FACE?! LOL. Super simple, the first 24 hours you can not get them wet so I just use a wash cloth to clean my face. After the 24 hours is up, just wash your face as you normally would just be careful around your eyes.

Do you have to take a break from having them? No!

Can you rub your eyes if they itch? Yes, I normally just lightly itch them!

Do you use anything to clean your lashes? Yes! I’m not sure about every esthetician, but Nikki gives all of her clients lash shampoo.

Cost of upkeep? It depends where you go! Nikki’s prices are above on her website.

Style & length do you use? How were you able to pick a style that was best for your eyes? 5-6D Volume Lashes by Minky’s in Doll Shape – Nikki basically looked at my eye shape and told me what would look best and she was right!

When putting eyeshadow on how do you clean the fall out on your lashes? This question is a little hard to answer as I don’t wear eyeshadow all the time, and when I do I don’t really have a lot of fall out.

What do you love most about the lash extensions? Least? I love the convenience of throwing on some foundation and gloss and you’re good to go. It cut my makeup routine in almost half! Lashes took the most time out of everything. The least is the upkeep, but it’s just like getting nails done or hair done.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction? I have not!

How often do you have to get them filled? Every 2-3 weeks!

Do you use liquid eyeliner? I personally don’t, but my girl Aubrey does all the time and she has lash extensions!

How often do you clean them? Every night!

Do your lashes break? They do not as long as your lash girl does quality work!

If you wear contacts, should you get them? You would have to ask the esthetician, but I don’t see why not!

Thoughts on lash tints/lifts? I personally have not had it done, but Nikki says she does them all the time! They are very popular!

Do they use chemicals to put them on? They use a special glue!

Does the glue feel hard? Not at all! You don’t even feel them on your lashes.

I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of questions you all sent in! They were a ton more, but I feel like I answered the most asked. Overall, I absolutely LOVE my lash extensions and will probably keep them for a while. I love the convenience of waking up and throwing a minimal amount of makeup on everyday while still looking very put together. I can’t speak for everyone because they all have different experiences, but I feel if you go to an experienced and knowledgable esthetician, you will be in love as well!

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