Sprucing Up Our Bedroom with HomeCentric

I will be the first to tell you that I don’t share a lot of “home decor”. Lane and I bought our house when we were 20 years old. Of course, we bought the lease expensive house with a mortgage we could work with! Well, here we are – 7 years later – and we are still here, surprisingly! We’ve made this cute little 1000 square foot house into a great first starter home.

I haven’t really decorated the entire house much because 1) I was young and 2) I didn’t know what I wanted and 3) Lane insists we don’t need gold touches throughout the entire home and that’s essentially what I wanted. LOL

Recently, I discovered Home Centric and I became obsessed! Home Centric is a sister company to Bealls Outlet. Some cities have stand-alone stores and others are built inside the Bealls Outlet like mine. They have the BEST stuff at the most affordable prices. I have always envisioned our bedroom being bright, white and simple – not a lot of clutter – somewhere you can come to relax so when I found all of the pieces to make our vision become a reality, I was ecstatic (especially at such an affordable price)!

I want to share the pieces that I specifically purchased from Home Centric. The first thing was the plant in the left corner. I knew I wanted some type of greenery in our room, but I was going back and forth on a small plant to put on our nightstand or a larger plant like this one – when I saw this one, I loved it and I think it fits perfectly right where it’s at! The next thing we purchased were the two lamps! Lane had a lamp on his side previously, but I have been needing one too and of course, they had to match! These were perfect and simple! Plus – they were on sale! We also picked out the candles. We are both big candle people – I love the Woodwick ones that crackle when it burns and they are very affordable at Home Centric. The mirrors were under $20/each and if you know how expensive mirrors can be, this was a steal! I love that they make our room look bigger! The curtain is probably my favorite thing ever – the pom poms are the cutest and I am so surprised Lane agreed with me! Haha! I love them! The sign above the window that says “Follow your Dreams” is from Home Centric as well and super affordable. I love the placement we put it as we sleep and dream right below. The last few things are the white Vince Camuto comforter and throw blanket. I loved my duvet cover before we switched it out to this new comforter, but I have to admit I love this comforter more! Oh em gee! It is so soft and comfortable and you literally feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The throw blanket is for decoration but of course, that’s usually where you can find one of our pups!

I hope you loved reading about how we changed up our bedroom with Home Centric. If you have one near you, I would totally take advantage and go shopping! You are spending 1/3 of the price than other home decor retailers and the quality is just as amazing! I am blown away that we purchased all of this stuff for less than $250.

**Thank you Home Centric for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own**

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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    Can you link the comforter or can it be ordered ?

    Posted 6.21.19 Reply
    • For the Love of Coffey wrote:

      You have to go in store – Home Centric is kinda like Marshall’s or TJMaxx in the sense that if you see something there one time, it might not be there again. They don’t have a lot of stock of 1 item!

      Posted 6.22.19 Reply
    • For the Love of Coffey wrote:

      It cannot be ordered. You would have to go into the store. It’s kind of like TJ Maxx – it may not be available in all stores.

      Posted 7.5.19 Reply
  2. Briana wrote:

    This is too cute!


    Posted 6.21.19 Reply