Sunday Shopping with Walmart’s Grocery Pickup

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Is it weird that I am so excited to share today’s blog post?! I know this doesn’t go for everyone, but Lane and I LOVE grocery days because we fill up the fridge and pantry of all new delicious food! For some reason, we go through food SO QUICK in our house. We will spend hundreds on groceries and then the following week, we’re like umm… where did everything go?! HAHA!

Since we are always on the go and very very busy all the time, Walmart’s Grocery Pickup has saved us multiple times. I love how quick and convenient it is. They are seriously the one-stop shop for everything you need whether it’s a ladder or a few bananas, but sometimes you don’t have the time to spend walking the aisles, so that is when Grocery Pickup comes into play.

Here’s how it works: On Saturday night, I created our order on the Walmart Grocery App (it’s orange!). I added everything I needed to my cart. I selected my pickup time and submitted my order. I personally opt into text messaging alerts so I know when my order is ready for pickup immediately. On Sunday, about 20 minutes prior to my pickup time, I received an alert saying my order was ready for pickup. I logged into the app and clicked on the CHECK IN button at the top. Once I clicked that button, it gave Walmart my location and they knew when I was there. When I turned into the parking lot, I followed the orange signs until I was at the designated parking spot. It took about 3-4 minutes for the associate to walk outside and deliver my groceries and then I had to sign for it. EASY PEASY! Our Walmart grocery trips just went from an hour and a half to 5 minutes.

What I also love about the Grocery Pickup is that the people who shop for you are highly trained personal shoppers who select each item and make sure it’s 100% fresh. If it’s not, you have the ability to reject the item at pickup. I will tell you I have never had a bad experience. We have always had the best fruit/vegetables, etc. delivered to us!

I also have a discount code for you (as long as you are a first time customer) that will give you $10 off your first order of $50 or more. Visit or download the grocery app to order and redeem code. $50 minimum order, exp 1/31/2020.

Code: M2A3DZ3F

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