My First Experience at #NYFW

Whoa! What an amazing past week it was! For those of you who don’t know, I was at my first ever NYFW and it was a dream come true! To be honest, it was so exhausting but I loved every minute of it and came back more motivated than ever. This blog post is dedicated to sharing all of the details regarding events, parties, shows and PR companies we went too/met with! I’m giving you the low-down on what hotel we stayed at, our itinerary and my overall thoughts!

I had a lot of people ask me how we were invited to shows and parties, etc. The real and raw answer that you are probably not expecting at all is HARD WORK and DRIVE. My roommates and I would have not been invited to half of those meetings/events without reaching out by ourselves. We took one whole week a few weeks before we left for the Big Apple and did nothing but reach out to different contacts and PR companies to hopefully be invited to the best of the best. For our first NYFW, I think we did pretty damn well if I say so myself. To be honest, I think we overbooked ourselves but we made it work and were able to make it to everything.

If you have a dream that you’re chasing, don’t expect it to just fall in your lap. Work for it! With social media and the internet, it is easier than ever to find contacts for brands that you love and even if you don’t have the right contact, 8/10 times that contact will lead you in the right direction. We emailed so many brands and some didn’t respond, others said they were full and then we were lucky to be invited to the rest. I am so proud of my group of girlfriends that I went with because y’all, we hustled the weeks leading up to NYFW and it showed.

Anyways, a little run down of our 5 days! We arrived in NYC on Thursday afternoon and checked into Nomo Hotel in Soho. It is one of THE hotels. It is so photogenic too, people who were not staying at our hotel were there shooting. LOL it is super cute and quaint and one block off the Main Street of Soho where all the good shopping is. The only personal downfall we had was we took Ubers to most of our meetings which were more in the downtown area – about a 20 minute Uber ride there and back! So if you want to stay closer to the downtown area – this hotel is not for you.

Our first night in the city was a busy one, we were all invited to the Tula launch party for their new Rose Glow & Get It. The party was so fun! Everything was pink and we had to wear pink as well. Definitely on brand! haha! I had a dinner with the agency I just signed with an hour later, so I said bye to my roommates and went to dinner with a few friends who are also from the same agency. It was a blast and I also had a very very very good steak so win-win! Pushing 9:30/10 o’clock, we were running late to the last party of the night – the Victoria Secret Launch Party of their new Bombshell perfume which by the way, smells SO good! The VS party was probably one of my favorites because there were such a large range of people there from VS models to contestants on Bachelor in Paradise to Real Housewives. You really had no idea who you were going to see and that is what made it so fun!

Finally went to bed that night and felt like I woke up as soon as my head hit the pillow.. LOL – we had meeting after meeting this day! We started out bright and early at Kendra Scott. I’ve been in contact with them for years so it was really fun to finally put a face to the name. Next up, we met with Bollare, which is a PR company who works with multiple brands. We were able to pick out a few items to keep! We had about a 2 hour break, and Tanner Mann and I went back to the hotel to grab room service while Aubrey and Kelsie went to Marc Fisher. So fun!!! Tanner and I headed out and went to Tula for our meeting. They shared with us all of the products they are currently working on and guys!!!! they’re freakin good. I cannot wait for 2020. Everyone is going to have healthy skin haha! Our last meeting of the day was Alison Brod. This was my first time here and it was a dream come true. Every women’s fantasy! A huge room full of makeup products, skincare lines, haircare! We were able to pick out whatever we wanted! I came home with a lot of extras! My bag was 62 lbs coming home LOL!

We didn’t do much that night – really laid low! Saturday came and we had an event first thing in the morning with Evereve and it was really cool. We were able to pick out a pair of 7 For All Mankind denim and you had the choice to put your own design on them. I loved that idea. We weren’t able to stay very long because we had to head back to get ready for the Rebecca Minkoff show which was amazing!!!! Saw Tezza there and if you aren’t familiar with her – she’s a huge blogger and total Inspo! We were able to meet & greet with THE Rebecca Minkoff too! There were a lot of famous people there which was totally cool. We were supposed to go to another show that evening, but unfortunately it was canceled so we went shopping, took pictures at Times Square, had sushi and drinks on a rooftop bar with some of our other friends! It was a good time!

Sunday came and we literally just shot outfits the entire day! We started at the Brooklyn Bridge, went to DUMBO, Brooklyn and then just around the city in Central Park and 5th Avenue! It was a chill day – we ran into two of our blogger girlfriends and ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging with them!!

If you have dreams of attending NYFW – work hard and achieve it! I know you can – when I first started this blog, I never imagined ever going to NYFW! The thought seemed like a distant dream that I would never be able to achieve. Since then, I’ve put 150% of my effort into my work and my blog and my dream became a reality last week. I am forever thankful for these opportunities. I came back from NYFW with so much drive and motivation and so excited for the future. I am looking forward to next year!!! XO

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