Gift Guide for Him

First gift guide of the season, woo hoo! I always try to get the men’s out first because I feel they are hardest to shop for. I also wanted to share a few things that I like to get Lane year after year. I’ve added a few more items below that are all linkable as well!

  1. Cozy Robe – Every man deserves to have a fuzzy, cozy robe during the holidays especially when it gets a little chilly. They made act like their too manly to use one, but I promise you they will love it.
  2. Herschel Overnight Bag – When Lane and I go on short weekend trips, he takes an overnight bag just like this one. It’s small enough to tote everywhere, but big enough to fit everything he will need for 2 days!
  3. Headphones – need I say more? I feel like every man needs a pair of headphones and I’ve linked two in this post because it really is preference on which style they would like.
  4. Patagonia Long Sleeve T-shirt – Lane absolutely loves these tees and wears them out until they are faded and maybe a few stains on them. LOL, the fit and the material is awesome! 10/10 recommend
  5. Ugg Slippers – This goes with the robe. Lane actually requested slippers last year and I bought them and he absolutely loved them. So it’s more of a need than a want, they just don’t know they need them until they have them!
  6. BOSE Speaker – These speakers are a great gift for a man in your life. We rarely go anywhere without our speaker!
  7. Patagonia Pullover – Again, such a great brand that Lane loves! I always try to stock him up during this time of year!
  8. HydroFlask – Keep your boys hydrated ladies!
  9. BOSE AirPods – Another option if your man would prefer the no cord situation!
  10. SOCKS – Ok, this is a must and I’m sure your men will appreciate you! I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stock Lane up on socks and underwear this time of year. It’s something they don’t purchase themselves too often and I promise they need! LOL

There are more items below that include other products I stock Lane up on like phone chargers, a nice belt, YETI coffee cup (he uses his every single day!), manly chapstick. A few others that I am excited to purchase for Lane this year is a few things from Lululemon! He went into the store with me a few weeks back and was surprised by the fit and feel of the material, but “he could never buy it for himself” so that’s where I come in! 🙂 Everything is linked below! Of course, happy shopping XO

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