How to Wear Spanx Leggings

Hi loves! This has been a hot topic lately and I really wanted to dive deeper into the subject because for one, it’s one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Every year from September/October to about February/March, Spanx leggings are my bffs! I will literally wear them with anything! I wanted to show you that they are a rather more expensive piece of clothing but 100% worth the investment. You can wear them year after year and they don’t go out of style. They’re pretty much like that denim jacket in your closet. Perfect go-to when you have nothing to wear.

I wanted to show you in the pictures above that there are more than one way to wear and you can dress them up or make them casual. I love wearing mine on dates with Lane with a beautiful blouse or sweater with some OTK boots, but I also love wearing them around the house in my sherpa pullover with slippers. They are so versatile!

I will tell you and be 100% honest with you, I don’t care what anyone says, I have no found another pair of faux leather leggings that match the quality of Spanx. The way they feel/fit cannot be duplicated and you can definitely tell.

I can wear either an X-Small or Small petite in the Spanx leggings and they fit me perfectly. I will link both petite and regular in the links above.

Happy Shopping XO

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