My Fireplace/Mantle Decor

Sooooo many questions about where I purchased the items on my mantle I decorated this morning! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I have always dreamed of having a fireplace in my forever home and being able to decorate it for the holidays! I purchased everything from Target, Hobby Lobby and Kirklands. I bought the majority from Hobby Lobby to be honest, everything was 50% off. Sadly, I can’t link anything to Hobby Lobby so I did add similar items from Target and Kirklands if you plan on doing all of your shopping online. Basically, you can still achieve the same or similar look with these items. 🙂

Let’s be completely real for a second, I am not a decorate. Never have been and never will be. Lol I’ve faced it. I just don’t have an eye for it and that’s why I brought my mom to come help! If it was up to me, I would buy a ton of stuff and just see what works and what doesn’t. That’s just what I do. I am very happy with how it turned out and even though it is not super extravagant, I think it is perfect for Lane and I. I plan on adding a few things here and there as well. I’m not in love with the candle sticks at the bottom and once I find a replacement for those, I’ll update this blog post. 🙂

I also added my bar cart that I plan on decorating soon and my Christmas tree that I bought 🙂

Thank you in advance for shopping through my links! I appreciate it so much!!! happy shopping XO

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  1. Jaye wrote:

    This is so helpful, thank you so much for doing this!!<3

    Posted 11.12.19 Reply