Hello Twenty Twenty

Holy cow. It’s 2020. More specifically already a week into the new year… that’s so insane to me. I feel like 2019 just happened and here we are into a brand new decade. The beginning of the last decade (2010), I was graduating high school and now here I am 10 years later, founded and operating my own blogging business. It’s truly crazy to me everything that has happened leading up to this new year. I love it. I am truly happy with my relationships and career. 2019 was honestly the craziest, wildest, most fun year I have had in all of my 27 years of living.

Let’s back up to January 2019… I wrote a whole blog post about my goals and aspirations for the year and I looked back at them the other day and realized, for the first time, I had actually accomplished more than half. That is a big deal to me, because I am usually one of those people who will set goals for the year and never accomplish them and say there’s always next year. I knew last year was going to be different. I just had a feeling.

I wanted to share last years goals with you because a lot of them are the same as this year:

Just Do It. – Accomplished!

No, this has nothing to do with Nike. LOL. This just means pretty much to say yes to new things. For instance, last year 3 weeks before NYFW, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go and stay in their hotel room, of course I thought of every excuse why I couldn’t because the anxiety and nervousness took over. Those moments right there I need to change. I want to experience these events and not just have FOMO all the time. So this year, I’m just going to do it. 

Travel. – Accomplished!

Speaking of… I have lots of travel planned for 2019. Aubrey and I are traveling to Nashville for a few days. I’m going to Aruba with my family. I have a trip to Tennessee planned for my cousins wedding! Bloggers trip to Palm Springs with about 15 other bloggers – literally. so. excited. for. that! Lane is in the middle of planning a trip to Iceland with a few friends of ours that I am SO excited for and of course, this year NYFW is GOING DOWN. Eeekk! So this year is already planned for lots of travel, lots of travel content coming your way! 

Know that it’s OK to say no. – Definitely accomplished!

Some of you may think I am contradicting myself with this and the Just Do It above. This honestly just means learn WHEN to say no and that it is OK to say no. Don’t worry about the other person, worry about yourself. There has been SO many instances where I will say yes in fear of what the other person will say or do if I say no. I started this in 2018 and it has been amazing – I want to continue this for 2019. 

Save Money. – Accomplished!

I will go more into this in tomorrow’s blog post, but for now I want to say these last two months of blogging FT have been an absolute dream. I’m finally having enough money to save and by the end of 2019, I want at least $50k in the bank and if not, MORE! Also, eat out less and spend less on pointless “things”. 

Eat Healthier and Exercise. – Did not accomplish!

Okay, this one is a big one for me. If you look at me from the outside, yeah sure, I look skinny – I’m very petite. I’m 5’2 and weigh about 105 lbs. All of that looks great, but I’m consistently groggy, tired with no energy. Eating healthier and doing some sort of exercise a few times a week is needed. I’m just the type of person that HATES working out. I will literally think of any excuse NOT to do it. So 2019 is going to be my year! I’m going to start LOVING to work out. 

Challenge my Creativeness! – Did an okay job of accomplishing!

This one is a fun one I hope to achieve and definitely has a lot to do with the field I’m currently in. I see so many people sharing these new and creative ideas on Instagram which brings a whole new level to the IG game. I strive to do this, but I feel like sometimes I kick these ideas to the end of the to-do list that never seems to be finished because of the time it takes to create. In 2019, I want to challenge myself and create quality content for all of you! 

Read More. – Wish I accomplished!

This is a goal for both Lane and I. We have talked about watching less TV (not that we watch a ton of it, usually The Office or Friends is playing for background noise lol) and reading more. I want to try to read 1 book a month. I have like 4-5 books already waiting for me to pick up! Once I get in a good habit of this, I’ll start doing book reviews. ?

Spending Less Time on my Phone. – Did not accomplish!

Kind of hard when your job is social media based, but we all have goals right. I just want to be in the present with Lane and sit down, put my phone up and watch a movie. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through IG or Facebook while a movie is playing. This one will honestly be hard for me because I try to constantly engage on IG throughout the day, but we will see. I’m determined. 

Start Saving to Build a House. – BOUGHT a house! Accomplished!!

Lane and I have been in our house for almost 7 years. We weren’t even planning on living here for 5, much less 7-8. Our mortgage is so inexpensive though that as we grow older, we realize we can save, save, save right now! We are definitely outgrowing this home though, it’s only 1000 sq ft and I promise you that every single foot in this house is full. LOL! I’m ready to make the move, but we’re saving money!

So let’s dive into my 2020 goals:

Travel, of course. Same as last year. We already have a few places on our list that are brand new cities to explore and I am so excited. We are trying to travel as much as we can before we start having babies.

Spend less time on my phone. This one is so hard because I always like to be in the know. I need to work on not picking up my phone to check different apps every 5 minutes.

Keep just doing it. In 2019, one of my goals was to Just Do It (while also knowing when to say no) and I definitely did it. So this year I want to keep that going.

$ave, $ave, $ave! I include this one every year so I can make a mental note. I want to try not to spend on useless stuff this year. Only buy with a purpose.

Cut down on sugar. If you know Lane and I, we have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever. I usually wash down my dinner with a cookie or sweet of some sort. So this one is going to be a hard one, but I am willing to try.

Cook more meals at home. We started doing Home Chef about 4 months ago and that has really helped with the cooking at home at least 3 times a week, but I would like to cook at least 4-5 times a week. I’ve had a crockpot for years and have literally only used it 3-4 times. So I want to start incorporating that too!

Work out. This one is super hard for me because I have no desire or motivation to work out whatsoever. I have been in the market for a Peloton because I honestly love biking. So I want to purchase that and then keep a streak!

Focus on positivity. In a world where there is so much negativity, I strive to be positive every day because you never know who needs it. I want to continue this for 2020.

Continue to grow my business. 2019 was such a blessing for my blog and I cannot wait to see what 2020 will bring. 🙂

BE MORE ORGANIZED. In every aspect of my life. In my bathroom, kitchen, business, everything! I am hot mess express right now and plan to get organized this month!

If you made it this far! THANK YOU! I am interested to know some of your goals for this year. Leave them in the comments. 🙂

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