Golden Goose Review

I asked all of you over on Instagram to send in questions about the Golden Goose’s since I get a lot of DMs about them and if they’re worth it! So here are the most asked questions from all of you 🙂 the answers below may be long-winded but are 100% truthful! XO

Are they worth the hype? This was the number 1 most asked question. I want to start out by saying that months ago before I even tried on my first pair of GG’s, I thought they were dumb. I had multiple dupes that I liked and always wore so I wasn’t worried about having the real thing. I always said I would never own a pair OR spend that much money on a pair of sneakers… I was in San Francisco with my girlfriends who all had a pair and recommended them. We went to Nordstrom and I was like fine, I’ll just try them on and see what they look like. That was my downfall. Seriously, the most comfortable and cutest sneak on. I was in love at first sight. What I love about them too are all the different styles and patterns/colors they have. Sometimes you can find a pair that you know only a limited amount of people will have because once their sold out, they’re gone. I love that! If you’re super girly, they have all the bright colors and fun prints with glitter, and if you’re more edgy, they have lots of options for you as well. You can literally wear them with anything too which is always a plus. Since I bought my first pair over a month ago, I have worn them non-stop (almost every day) so I know I will definitely get my money’s worth. So yes – I think they are definitely worth the hype if YOU plan on wearing them. If you are only going to wear them once a month or so, don’t waste your money!

Did I buy them in-store or online? I would recommend trying them on IN STORE to check sizing if this is your first time buying them, but once you know your size, there are SO many more options online. For some reason, they only carry a very limited amount in store whether you’re in Nordstrom, Neiman’s or the GG store.

Are they true to size? They are TTS for me (size 6), but I’ve heard some girls size up in the normal sneakers and size down in the midstars. That’s why I think it is important to try them on and see how they fit you personally. They don’t come in 1/2 sizes so if you are a 1/2 size, I’d say size up!

Did you have to break them in? Okay – here’s the deal. Being 100% honest with you right now. My first pair of midstars (the black and white ones), I bought a size 5 because they told me to size down in those so I bought them. I had bloody blisters for about a week and a half and thought to myself, what in the world did I buy and are these ever going to stop making my heels bleed. Finally stopped and they are so comfortable! My latest pair (the pink ones I just bought in Vegas), I bought a size 6 in the midstars and LOVE them. I should’ve bought a size 6 in the last ones. I was prepared to have blisters with the pink ones, I even brought bandaids to Vegas because I knew I was going to buy them, but I never got blisters with the pink pair at all. So I really think I bought a size too small and that’s why I had bloody blisters for so long. P.S. the size 5 are comfortable now and I wear them all the time, but the size 6 pink ones just fit better with a little more room. 🙂 just wanted to let y’all know that I still wear both – I just know to get a size 6 from now on.

What are the best dupes? See below. 🙂 Steve Madden sneaks are my favorite dupes for the GG 🙂

Comfort level for walking a lot? Yes, they are insanely comfortable … to an extreme. What I mean by that is they were very comfortable to walk in during Vegas up until about mile 6-7. We walked 7-8 miles every single day and about 3/4 into the day my feet and legs started hurting. But a normal day you wouldn’t walk that much so you should be good 🙂 I am going to Disney next week and I plan on wearing them so to each their own. Haha!

What (if anything) makes them better than the Steve Madden dupes? I wouldn’t say they are “better” than Steve Madden because I absolutely LOVE SM, but they are two completely different brands. Golden Goose is obviously a high fashion brand! I really like the exclusivity of Golden Goose because some of their styles are very limited so once they’re sold out, that’s it and no one can buy them anymore. Plus they have SO many different colors/styles/patterns. There is something for everyone 🙂 So I will end on this note, it’s just a personal preference 🙂

Key takeaways:

  • SO comfortable
  • TTS or if you are 1/2 size, size up!
  • Buy online for more of a selection

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