Las Vegas Travel Guide

This was inside Ceasar’s Palace. It was my favorite hotel!!!

Top three things to do/see?

  1. Walk through all of the hotels on the first day! This will take you about a full day but totally worth it because you find hidden gems throughout each resort and know what to do and how to plan the rest of your days! Plus every resort is different and so beautiful with all of the architecture! It was truly one of my favorite parts! Plus if you go back to Vegas, you know where to go and spend the majority of your time because you already know what everything looks like!
  2. A show! We saw O by Cirque Du Soleil and it was AMAZING! The shows in Vegas are amazing period. It doesn’t matter what you see!
  3. Eat! There are so many incredible restaurants on the strip. Don’t waste your time at Outback or Cheesecake Factory! Find the places that you can only visit in Vegas! Totally worth it!
  4. I’m adding one more just because, but the Bellagio Fountains were so beautiful! Such a cool little water show to watch. We were fortunate and watched it for an hour when we had dinner at Lago at the Bellagio. We sat on the patio for dinner and had a perfect view of the fountains while we ate. I definitely recommend that!
  5. One more – Fremont Street was a really cool experience. You won’t catch me there at night because we’ve heard the place gets W I L D D D D D D but during the day it was chill and fun! Definitely a must see while you’re there!

What is the weather like? The weather was amazing for us! High of 70 during the day with no clouds in the sky and low of about upper 40/lower 50. It was chilly at night, but not like arctic! I just wore a cute outfit with a fuzzy jacket! 🙂

Do most people wear casual outfits or dressed up in sexy outfits? During the day, you see a lot of casual outfits with comfy shoes! At night, I would say in the casino, people are still dressed cute but comfortable, but if you go out, people are dressed nice and/or sexy-like! LOL we were heading to bed one night at like 12am and people were just getting into a limo about to go party in raunchy outfits! So whatever you wear in Vegas, you will blend in. There is a little big of everything – HA!

Best drink so far? I honestly didn’t drink a lot because the drinks were like $20/each and I am someone who would rather spend my money on other stuff! I think I had two drinks the entire time and one of those being at Lago – it was like Refreshing Cucumber or something like that and it was SOOOO good OMG. The Champagne Bar at the Cosmo had good drinks too!

Best buffet? We actually didn’t go to one, but the recommendations I got from y’all said the best were: Wynn (being #1), Bellagio, Aria!

Best restaurants? This one I can answer: Mon Ami Gabi was my all time favorite, Lago by Julian Serrano at the Bellagio is amazing, HEXX Kitchen & Bar is a must ($28 all you can drink mimosas), Blueberry Hill for breakfast OMG – it’s off the strip but totally worth it, Pin-Up Pizza for the largest and most delicious slice of pizza ever, In & Out (duh!).

Best brunch place? Mon Ami Gabi and HEXX for sure!

Did we go to Lisa Vanderpumps restaurant? Do we need reservations? No, we did not and I am pretty sure you need reservations. I didn’t even know where it was located, we just stumbled across it haha!

Did I find the hidden pizza spot in the Cosmo? Ah no we didn’t! Supposedly it’s on the 3rd floor down a long hallway for anyone interested!

Where was the massive pizza slice from? Pin-Up Pizza 🙂 cute little pizza joint in Planet Hollywood!

Did we like O by Cirque Du Soleil? Is it worth it? YES! We absolutely LOVED it. I wish we would’ve done the 7 o’clock show because by 11pm, I was SO tired and could barely keep my eyes open. LOL especially bc it is water-based and the water sounds were making me so sleepy!! HAHA! Anyways – yes I think it is totally worth it!

Best place to stay? We LOVED Aria, but there is so many options to choose from, I think we would try somewhere else next time! My top 4 places are: Bellagio, Ceasar’s Palace, the Venetian and Aria!

What is a good shoe for walking all day? My Golden Goose were great up until mile 6. I would go with Nike’s or Hey Dudes. Lane wore his Hey Dudes the entire time and was fine 🙂

Best casino? Oh my goodness… all of them are amazing tbh. You can’t go wrong!

Did we win big? LOL no. *insert crying laughing face*

A few things we didn’t do but were also recommend to us:

  1. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in the Venetian
  2. Bouchon Bakery in the Venetian
  3. Zipline through Fremont Street
  4. High Roller
  5. Eggslut
  6. Flights Restaurant
  7. Welcome to Las Vegas sign!
  8. Do the tram – we spent way to much $$ on Uber!
  9. Gondola Ride at the Venetian
  10. Fashion Mall

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