Travel: Rosemary Beach/Seaside Guide

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Back with another Travel Guide… oh my goodness, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written one (Las Vegas was my last one in February!). We’ve been stuck in our homes for farrrrr too long. I’ve been so excited to write about our travel experience to Rosemary Beach for this very reason! I plan on sharing where to stay, where to eat, what to do and the covid situation since that is a current big deal. So let’s dive in….

Where to stay?

There’s a few different places to stay when it comes to Rosemary Beach/Seaside especially depending on who you are going with. There’s a few hotels like Watercolor Resort, The Pearl or the Point on 30A. There are also so many rentals along the coast and that is what we opted to do. This carriage house is the one we rented. It was 100 ft from the beach and came with bikes as well. It was just a bike ride away from the main shopping area in Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach and Peddler’s Pavilion. The location was amazing! The house says it fits 5 people, but I would honestly do no more than 3. It was a tad small, but it was perfect for Lane & I.

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Where to eat?

Rosemary Beach and Seaside have amazing restaurants! It was so hard to pick and choose where we wanted to go each day because there was so many choices and I knew we wouldn’t be able to hit everything! Our top favorite places were definitely Pescado. Hands down the best food ever and the view is spectacular. View pictures above! Next on our list of favorites was Le Crema. Oh my goodness – chocolate and cheese fondue. Literally mouth watering… everything on their menu was amazing. The Daughter’s Kitchen was a great breakfast place and they had Charlie’s Donuts there too which are the famous donuts in Alys Beach that everyone talks about. Charlie’s Donuts also have a location in Peddler’s Pavilion which is where Lane & I grabbed them. 🙂 They’re amazing! You definitely have to grab them while you’re there. Bud & Alley’s pizza & taco bar is in Seaside and a must. I had a Blood Orange Margarita and wow! It was so good and strong! LOL. We also had Barefoot BBQ which is located in Seaside in an airstream and it was delicious. Lane had the nachos and they were MASSIVE – could definitely feed 2-4 people. Haha! I had the brisket sliders and they were impressive! For dessert, we went to Smallcakes and had their ice cream. DEF RECOMMEND!!! Lane said their lattes were amazing too! He actually went back a second time to grab another latte the next day. We went to La Cocina in Peddler’s Pavilion. Their queso and chips were amazing though. LOL. Raw & Juicy in Alys Beach was SO good. We went there one morning and purchased a smoothie & a juice. They also have açaí bowls and protein bowls too. We didn’t go this time, but I have been to Surfing Deer in Seaside and it is SO GOOD. The filet is out of this world. Definitely recommend if you need a more fancy place to go! important reminder is to make reservations! Lots of amazing coffee places and little wine bars too! You can’t really go wrong!

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What to do?

What I love about Rosemary Beach and Seaside is that it is a true little beach town. It’s such a relaxing vacation. You can get to each little beach town by bike if you want (except Seaside – it’s like 8 miles from Rosemary Beach). The white sand beaches are absolutely stunning – my favorite in Florida and that is saying a lot. We spent most of our days on the beach with a book this time around and it was seriously the best vacation. Another favorite thing to do of mine is to watch the west coast sunset. Rosemary Beach gets the prettiest sky during sunset! All the pinks, oranges and purples! GORGEOUS!

Exploring each little beach town is so fun and each bring something different to the table. Plus being able to bike there ables you to see a lot more than just walking! During the summer months, if you plan on parking – just know it’s tough. LOL we drove around for a few just to find parking some nights. Rosemary Beach and Seaside both have a little shopping area where it’s fun to check out the stores. In Seaside, we went to the Seaside Style and grabbed a few Seaside tees! They also have a cute bookstore we went too! Lots of places to stop in if you want 🙂

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Covid situation!

I’m only talking about this because I had a few people ask and usually when a few inquire, a lot more are interested. So for all the little beach towns, you had to wear masks in most of the shopping stores. We went to a few shops that didn’t require them. All restaurants didn’t make you wear them and of course, the beach didn’t either. Just keep your mask with you at all times and there’s signs on the door whether or not they are required.

Hope this helps!! I know you will LOVE Rosemary – it’s the best little vacation!

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