Best Sellers of 2020

Seriously cannot believe it is almost 2021! LIKE WHAT! I love doing these posts every year to see what was all of your favorite pieces! So how it works is at the end of every year, I log into the backend of and see what pieces were purchased the most throughout the year! This year, these 10 items were the most bought! Let’s go through them 🙂

10. My Joanna Hat by Brixton! I think I wore this every single day throughout the summer especially because we live in the pool the entire season! I definitely recommend the hat – it usually sells out quickly come Spring and restocks every now and then. It’s currently full stock right now!

9. My Blue Light glasses! I used to wear Amazon Blue Light glasses and they would get messed up so quickly and super foggy, these have not done that! I bought them when Quay was doing one of their BOGO sales! They are priced pretty well and last forever!

8. My Girl Shorts by Spanx! Best purchase I made this Spring because I like to wear short dresses and skirt and when they fly up in the wind – I’m SOL! LOL! These worked wonders. They run small! I wear an XS and a small! I have nude & black!

7. Tory Burch Miller Sandal in shade Makeup, size 6. I wear them all summer long for the past 4-5 years. They last forever!!! So many of you guys grabbed them this year!

6. High Key Sunnies! I remember when I got these at the beginning of this year, they were my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses! I loved the fade SO much. They’re so chic and cute!

5. Y’all know how much I love my Hai Knee Boots from Sam Edelman. I wore them 24/7 last year and carried on that tradition this year too. They’re the most comfiest boots ever. I have a pair of the black ones and the tan ones! I wear size 6!

4. Cai Boots from Target! WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever posted a boot that everyone wanted. Sold hundreds & hundreds, sold them out once too! Y’all are amazing, but for $40, you can’t beat it!! Size 6 – TTS!

3. The Faux Leather Leggings from Spanx are always on my top 10 every year and I can’t say I don’t blame you guys!!! They’re easily the best purchase for me too! I wear them SO much! Size XS petite and I’m 5’2 and 98 lbs.

2. The new Vince Camuto boots from Nordstrom! I LOVE the pointed toe on these – they look SO classy! I would recommend sizing up .5 size. I have my normal size 6 and can’t wear socks with them! Eeekk whoops, but I was late to the game and that’s the only size they had left haha!

  1. There’s no surprise that these jeans are number 1! When they first launched at Abercrombie, I fell in love and so did hundreds of you! They’re one of my favorite jeans in my collection! All of my girlfriends at home bought them too LOL! We always get together and are like “cute jeans LOL”!! Size 24 short!

I hope everyone has a safe & wonderful New Year! Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store XO

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