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Every time I start one of these blog posts that reflects on the previous year, I read my goals from the year before. That’s the beauty of having a blog or journal, you can go back and see what was important to you then and think about how you changed throughout the year. You can read my 2020 goals here. Reading through 2020’s goals hit differently though, we started the year full of hope and excited for what was to come, and 3 months into the year, the world started crumbling and has continued ever since…

I don’t want to get too negative on here, but in all honesty, it was hard to hit most of my goals last year. Not because they weren’t attainable, but the anxiousness and worry I carried outweighed the motivation. This year, I don’t want to be like that. I’m starting 2021 out with a positive outlook on my life and my business because I have realized that is the ONLY thing I can control. So let’s turn this around and make a bit more positive, okay? 😉

2021 Personal Goals

  • First & foremost, I want to get back my physical & mental health. I’m making it a priority this year. I used to be so fun and carefree (and I still get spurts of it every now and then), but now I am always so paranoid and anxious about every little thing. Working out and eating healthy falls under this category as well.
  • Read more books! I’m making a realistic goal of reading at LEAST one book a month. I would love to read more, but right now that is my goal. Truthfully, I go in spurts where I’ll read like 3 books in a few weeks and then take a few months off.
  • Start a family! I think it’s about time, don’t ya think?! Lane & I are so comfortable with our lives right now that it is so hard to plan WHEN to have a baby because we know our life will be turned upside down (for the better, of course). There’s no time table to when you should start having kids, but I am almost 30 and we want a couple. It is our goal this year, and we are praying it won’t be a rollercoaster of a ride.
  • $ave money! We have a certain goal that we would like to save, obviously not going to share that number, but it is very attainable and hopefully we can save even more than that. Along with saving money, we also want to actively search and possibly purchase land to build on one day. Not anytime soon, but just so we can start pecking away at the cost of the land.
  • Be more present! I feel like this one is incredibly hard for me, to be honest. I have a really hard time with “putting my phone down”. I scroll just to scroll and I need to break the habit.
  • Give back! This year Lane and I participated in adopting a family for Christmas and it made me so happy that we were making a couple of kids’ Christmas. This year I want to pick a charity and be able to give back! If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I am most passionate about animals and babies!
  • Travel. I hesitated even adding this one because we have no idea how the state of the country will be, but I would like to take a road trip once a month or every other month to see a place we love or new place!
  • Do a few home projects! There’s a few things Lane and I want to do that we have been putting off. We want to do a whole new front yard landscape project with different plants/flowers/palm trees. Also want to change out the light fixtures and then our media room upstairs is the biggest project we have!

2021 Business Goals

  • Be more intentional with what I post. While my blog is primarily fashion, I want to focus in on a few good boutiques a month. My goal is 4/5 and then maybe a few extra here and there. Working with boutiques especially small boutiques are my favorite because they need the sales more than anyone. I’ve already began working on who I want to continue sharing this year and let’s just say I am so excited!
  • Keep grinding! Don’t be afraid to say yes and don’t be afraid to say no. I do feel like over the years, it’s become a lot easier to say no to certain products, brands, deals, etc. Just makes your business grow that much more. This is hopefully the last year of my business with no baby so I am putting in all the effort before I become a tired, hot mess mom. Haha!
  • Read entrepreneur/success books… or whatever they’re called. LOL! I’ve already ordered a few and can’t wait to see what I learn from them. I never want to stop teaching myself because let’s be real, I have no idea how to run a business… I’m just taking it day by day!
  • Get my business organized! What I mean by that is I used to run my business as an individual, but I finally have an LLC/S-Corp set up and I am so excited. I know nothing changes physically, but to me I feel like I reached a new step. I also want to stay on top of taxes and all of that fun stuff this year.
  • Rewear outfits! Okay, this is sort of a silly goal but I’m for real. I’m asked a lot if I ever rewear clothes because hey! everyone does and that’s normally how it works. So I want to rewear, restyle and repost a lot of my outfits!

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