Louis Vuitton Marignan Review

The Louis Vuitton Marignan Crossbody is literally SO popular. I have been so hesitant on sharing this review because it’s been out of stock for months, but I decided to go ahead and share it because I have no idea when it will come back. My advice would be to head to the LV website and click Notify Me when it becomes available again. That’s what I did to my new backpack and a few weeks later, I received the email notification.

This has been my favorite designer bag so far. I was nervous I wouldn’t use it as much because I used my LV Neverfull every single day and I was unsure if the Marignan would be able to hold everything, but I was proven wrong. The Marignan may look small, but it holds SO much. I have yet to fill it up!

I will say I see the Louis Vuitton Marignan more of a Fall/Winter bag, it looked amazing with all of my outfits. I probably won’t use it as much in the summer, that’s why I bought the cute little Damier Azur Sperone BB backpack which I plan to do a review when I’ve had it for a few weeks/months. I love incorporating more tans, browns, black and neutrals for Fall so this bag is perfect.

The canvas on the outside is very thick an durable. I’ve been carrying mine for about 6 months straight and there is absolutely no wear and tear which I like. Since it is the Monogram pattern, it will never go out of style. This is a very popular bag, but I wouldn’t say trendy because the style is here to stay 🙂

There is one large pocket in the Marignan and 2 smaller pockets on the inside! The adjustable strap is removable so you can use it 2 ways… as a crossbody or a handle. Best of both worlds! I will say this is the most expensive designer bag I have, but the quality of it is amazing. The design and the material is definitely worth it if you’re in the market. I’ll link some of the secondhand options below. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂




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