Why I Stopped Taking BC

Hi everyone! I’ve been getting so many questions about why I stopped birth control and I chatted about it when I was in the process of getting off of it, but if you weren’t around a couple months ago, you may have missed it. I decided to go ahead and write this blog post so people have something to refer back too especially because I do bring it up often when I’m experiencing new symptoms post BC.

I do want to put a DISCLAIMER out there and just say this is what worked for me and is working for us as a couple, please consult your doctor if you have any questions or want to get off birth control especially if you are not wanting to get pregnant.

I’ve been on BC for 12 years this year, I started when I was 17. I feel like since I started so young, I never had the chance to get in tune with my body. So however BC made me feel, I figured that was just normal. BC didn’t really start affecting me negatively until about 5 years ago, my body was probably changing aka hormones… getting older… you know. It actually kept my face pretty clear for the most part and my period worked like clockwork, I knew down to the minute I was going to start… it was crazy! About 5 years ago though, I remember I was a senior in college and I just felt off, had no idea what it was, but I knew something was up. I honestly didn’t put two and two together until last year when I decided to get off. I always blamed my anxiety on other things which definitely could’ve been heightening it… things like college, graduation, getting out into the real world, not liking my job, quitting my job, COVID and quarantine etc. etc.

I’m not sure if my hormones were changing again, but the middle to end of last year was rough for me, I felt like I was ALWAYS anxious and I legit couldn’t shake it. It was literally changing me as a person, I am such an outgoing, bubbly person, but I was freakin anxious to go to a party, the grocery store, like it was SO weird. It was not me at all. I’ve never had social anxiety before and I can blame COVID for some of it, but I swear BC made it 100x worse.

I’ve been off for 5 months now and I feel like a brand new person. Don’t get me wrong, I still get a little anxious from time to time, but I know what triggers it aka lots of sugar, caffeine or just lots of stress. I feel more in tune with my body. Yes, period time sucks now but I’ll take my personality back for bad periods anytime! LOL!

Post BC — No crazy symptoms for me except hormonal acne which I honestly don’t think you can do anything for. I am using medical grade skincare products, watching my diet and they’re still popping up but hopefully that subsides soon. Other than that, nothing major has happened. My anxiety wore off around the 3rd month which is when the BC is almost out of your system. A lot of people recommend Beyond the Pill and I heard it’s an amazing book to learn more about why your body is doing the things it’s doing. So if you are concerned and need answers to questions, try reading that book!

I’ve gotten SO many questions about what Lane & I are doing for protection now, I know TMI, ya’ll, but I just think you need to consult your doc and see what works best for you because we are probably going to start trying soon so if it happens it happens and I know a lot of you are not in that position, so just talk to a professional 🙂

Lots of love to you guys XO

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