NSale Product Overview 2021

Sharing a few different graphics below: my current wish list, items I already have & love, and then an overview of my favorite products in each category whether I have them or not. 🙂 Please refer back to this blog post to know when you can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They open up the sale in tiers based on your current credit card status (which is dumb, I know, just reiterating!)

Also, wanted to mention that I am extremely thankful to you guys for shopping my links and letting me be a great resource for you all. I am super excited to share everything! The NSale is sort of like the Super Bowl for bloggers – super fun but stressful! Haha! Cheers to 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! Please tag me in the items you purchased from me – can’t wait to see your looks!

Happy shopping XO


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