Little Life Update

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have typed up a blog post for you all, but I just have so much fun connecting with you all over on Instagram that sometimes it’s hard to make time for this blog of mine! I want to change that though – I used to write 3-4 times a week and I want to get back to that!

I wanted to give a little life update on what Lane and I have planned these next few months and I just had the urge to write this so it could live forever and I would always remember this time in our lives! If I ever wanted to reread it or come back to it, it would be right here. 🙂

Lane & I are currently under contract for our house that we bought in 2019. We are so excited for this new chapter! We close on our house in early November and then we will be living in this beautiful RV for about 8-10 months while we build our Mother-In-Law suite on our property of 5 acres that we purchased in April 2021. This will be such a crazy, fun experience and we are so ready for it! We really wanted to take advantage of this sellers market – and we did just that!

A few questions we have been asked is why are we building a Mother-In-Law suite and not just building a house. When we began talking about building a house and selling ours, we knew that lumbar prices were the highest they have ever been and just continued going up so we decided to build our MIL suite prior to the bigger house and just live in that for a few years while saving money to build what we want. We plan on this house being our forever home, so we had already planned on building a MIL suite attached, so why not just build it before. Another reason is because honestly, I am not ready to build a huge house. Lane and I have no children, and I have absolutely NO idea what I want in a big house and I know things would change once we had babies! So this way, we have time to plan out our pros/cons list and not rush into anything and make sure we don’t have the “I wish we would’ve done this in here”.

So if you are into it, the next few months we will be sharing our lives in an RV. We will be doing some traveling (as soon as Lane gets a new truck, hehe!), and living on our property while we watch our new MIL suite being built! If you have any questions or feedback (maybe you live an RV right now?!) about what we’re doing, let me know below and I’ll be sure to answer.

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