Updated Skincare Routine

June of 2021 & NOW!

Okay, I just want to say that every skincare journey is different, some people prefer not to use a lot of products because it irritates the skin and others can use every product in the world and it not affect their skin. That’s kinda how my skin is – my skin doesn’t break out from skincare/makeup products, it’s more of an internal battle (food, hormones, etc!). Below is my current skincare routine AM/PM!  



Things I do every so often: 

  • 10-day skin supplement from Nikki (my esthetician): let me just say she has been trying to get me to do this Osmosis 10-day skin detox supplement and i made every excuse in the book because you have to take 16 pills a day for 10 days and i was just dreading it but then she started telling me about peoples results who had done it and that sold me and now i really wish i would’ve done it sooner. don’t let the 16 pills a day thing scare you! 8 in the am and 8 in the pm on an empty stomach. you can purchase through Nikki – just DM her here.
  • The Osmosis Infusion Facial that I get from ^ Nikki once every 6-8 weeks! My skin LOVES that facial so much and all the Lucious ingredients that are in her products!

Wanted to add in real quick: I am in love with all of the products I have used from Dime Beauty because they are all clean and natural ingredients so I just bought their entire AM/PM bundle and I am going to try that out for a few weeks so if you see me trying other things, this is why! The products above are products I’ve used for more than 6 months and they work wonders! But since my skin is finally at a good place, I am excited to try something new 🙂

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